Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

I like this stuff. 6.8 alc. - little more spice than the Sam Adams Winter, darker color, too. One of those beers you cant have more than 1 or 2 of, but tasty.

Agreed Peter,
I look forward to the release of this every year. flirtysmile

I liked it as well for the most part but I thought the finish was a little heavy in my book. Kind of had a bitters taste to it.

Yes, they do add a good bit of hops to it. I think it is even dry hopped at the end.

I’ll take SNPA over almost any of their special release beers, and I’m not a big SNPA fan. They are all just too hoppy for my tastes.

I had a bottle of this a few weeks ago and thought it was horse piss. The pub didn’t have any Newcastle or Stout and the bartender said that this was “just as good or better”… uh… no…

Funny you mention horse piss, I’m a big fan going way back neener

I’ve always like this seasonal beer, but probably my favorite Xmas ale is from Anchor Steam.

The best part about this beer is right around the end of February, 12-packs are being kicked out the door at $9.

that’s a pretty good deal. [thumbs-up.gif]

It’s much better with age! Try it after 2-5 years…Wow!

Brett, I have a locker full of Anchor Christmas Ale 1986-96 if you’re ever in the Bay Area. I will probably bring some to Berserkerfest. A magnum of 1995 at least. Are you going?


Hey Bob!

Sadly, I’m unable to go, but thanks for the offer!



Bump cuz I found some on the cheap, so they should be getting liquidated…Grocery Outlet in the Berkeley has 24oz bottles for $1.50

keep an eye out for a good deal on these…I would imagine you can find them all over

That doesn’t surprise me at all. I like this beer young, but it tastes like one I’d like more with a couple of years in the bottle. Young, the alcohol and hops are just a bit much for me, but I’ve had aged beers in which both of those components become more integrated. I think as long as there’s enough other stuff going on, age can treat beers like this well. I’ve only ever seen these sealed with crown caps; do you lay these down or store them upright for aging?

Their regular Pale Ale has a slightly oxidized flavor I’ve never been fond of.

just cracked a “Torpedo” from SA during the Sharks game. looks like 5.6 abv. not quite as hoppy as i like, bronze in color and a touch nutty. we’ll see how many i get through tonight…hopefully there won’t be OT.