Siduri's 2012 Single-Vineyard Oregon Pinot Noirs

3 Great 2012 Single-Vineyard Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noirs for $60!
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Over our 21 years of making Pinot Noir, Siduri Wines has become known for many things— including raising our fair share of controversy. [stirthepothal.gif]
And yet there is one thing that we’ve done for 20 of those 21 years that often goes overlooked. For the last 2 decades, we’ve produced Pinot Noir from the Chehalem Mountains region of the Willamette Valley. In those 20 years, we’ve never had a vintage where the overall fruit quality was as high as it was in 2012 (by the way, that doesn’t mean that the fruit was the ripest either. We’ve had a number of higher brix years in Oregon than 2012). Our only concern was making certain that our winemaking lived up to the quality of the fruit.

For this special Berserker offering we have selected 3 of our 2012 single-vineyard Chehalem Pinot Noirs to share with you. The wines are the Arbre Vert, Hawk’s View, and Muirfield Vineyard Pinot Noirs. These vineyards are all within walking distance of each other, and yet show distinctly different characteristics. We’ve pulled together all of the winemaking information on each of these wines in a packet and that way you can attempt to determine for yourself what went into making these wines taste the way they do. And, for those of you who care about such things, we’ve also pulled together the reviews on these wines and that way you can compare your notes to people such as Allen Meadows, Josh Raynolds, and Harvey Steiman.

Finally, as we’ve been making these wines for 20 years, we’ve decided to celebrate that anniversary by offering them to you at only $20 each (normally they are $42 per bottle). So, for $60 plus tax and shipping, you get 1 bottle of each wine so that you too can share in our excitement for the 2012 vintage in Oregon.

Due to this very special pricing and limited availability, this offer expires January 28th at 12PM PT.

To take advantage of these wines email your order to, please include the following information: First Name, Last Name, Billing Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Credit Card Number, Exp Date, CVC Code
You can break your credit card into two separate emails or call the winery at 707-578-3882 to provide credit card information. We will attempt to contact you if your information is incomplete, but do need to get all of the information processed early on the January 28th.

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