Siduri Wines - Two Fantastic Pinot Noir Offers For You!

We’ve got two great offers for you!

#1- Hirsch Today—Gone Tomorrow
2012 SIDURI Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir
2013 SIDURI Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir

$75 + Tax & Shipping*

The Hirsch Vineyard is undeniably one of California’s Classic Pinot Noir vineyards. At Siduri, we’ve been fortunate enough to purchase fruit from this iconic far coast vineyard since 1995. That makes these the 17th and 18th bottled versions of Siduri Hirsch Pinot Noir (skipping one smoke tainted vintage) and, as such, these wines represent two steps in our learning about this location. They also represent two fantastic California vintages and yet two very different wines. This small production pack is an incredible opportunity to compare the wines, the vintages, and our progress in making Pinot Noir from this world-class site. And the price, for Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir, simply cannot be beat!

Please visit the link below for a page summarizing the grape growing and winemaking differences between these two wines.
Click Here for Notes!

#2- Uncle Sid’s Neighborhood
2013 SIDURI Keefer Ranch Vineyard Pinot Noir - Green Valley
2013 SIDURI Lingenfelder Vineyard Pinot Noir - Santa Rosa Plains
2013 SIDURI Ewald Vineyard Pinot Noir- Laguna Ridge

$95 + Tax & Shipping*

There’s been much talk about the “neighborhoods” of the Russian River Valley. For me, that always evokes a Mr. Rogers sensibility that doesn’t quite fit what it’s attempting to describe. I suppose we could talk about the “Hoods” of the Russian River Valley, but that seems even less accurate. The idea is that the Russian River Valley is a large Appellation and that, over time, those of us that live and work here are noticing substantial and consistent differences in various parts of the Valley. This pack is designed to showcase three different parts of the Russian River: Green Valley with the Keefer Ranch Vineyard, Laguna Ridge with the Ewald Vineyard, and the Santa Rosa Plain with the Lingenfelder Vineyard. In reality, these three vineyards are only 8 miles apart by car, and yet the differences in the wines are undeniable. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit the Russian River Valley without leaving the comfort of your home!

Please visit the link below for a page summarizing the grape growing and winemaking differences between these three wines. Click Here for Notes!

*Shipping Choices:
$10 Flat Rate Ground Shipping each (Applies to orders in weather accessible areas)
$25 Flat Rate 2nd Day Air Shipping each (Recommended for areas experiencing extreme winter weather)

Due to this very special pricing and limited availability, this offer expires January 28th at 12PM PT.

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Hi Adam/Siduri Team,

Would you allow for local pick ups of the wines? I live about a 3 minute drive from Siduri. Thanks!


If we order 2 3-packs, is the shipping (to SoCal) $10 or $20?

Shipping is a flat rate per pack, so 2 packs would be $20.

We expected to ship all of them, but if you stop by the winery we can make a pick up work. It would most likely be easier on all of us to have you purchase in person, but send us the e-mail and we will work it out.

Thanks all

Order placed/emailed for RRV

Thanks Adam, I have sent the requested information. Appreciate the assistance on a pick up for the locals!

Just got home from work and was going to make this my first purchase of the day. Love Siduri Pinots but looks like they are out of my reach now, as Ohio is off the list - presumably due to the mega-production of parent winery Kendall-Jackson. Bummer… I think Ohio is the only state which prohibits direct shipping to certain wineries based on production levels.

Adam, does KJ distribute your wines in Ohio? I would gladly continue to buy them at retail pricing for as long as you remain the winemaker!

Our Ohio distributor is Glazers

In for the hirsch 2 pack. Thanks Adam!!

Thank you, I will look them up!

Hirsch is delicious. Uncle Sid + Hirsch = winner.

Cannot wait.

Adam, in terms of drinking window, cellaring, decanting, etc. can you give some insight into the 3 RRV wines? Thanks.

I guess I will partially answer my question. Decanted the Ewald for about 1/2 hour and it’s really yummy.