SIAP: What wine will you be having with your Easter meal tomorrow?

We are having roasted lamb so I will be opening one of the Sun Break PN’s I got on BD. I’ll probably also open up a white burgundy of some sort since I’ve recently fallen in love with the stuff. Why must I love this expensive hobby… Hope everyone that plans to celebrate has a wonderful Easter!


Local farm ham steaks and Hebrart Brut Rosé


2013 Kata Beckstoffer Bourne and DeNegoce n.250 with sous vide filet mignon and Flannery Lamb loin, maybe an older Thomas Pinot with the lamb…

Vilmart 2014 Emotion for before, during, and after.

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Maitre De Chai 2016 Chenin mag from BD. Everything I’ve had from them has been great so high expectations.

Flannery lamb loin is finishing up in the oven, and my last bottle of 2011 Felettig Chambolle-Musigny is being poured out. Pre-dinner was a small pour of Bodegas Yuste Aurora Amontillado Sherry. Happy Easter to all!

The 2019 Boheme English Hill mag vanished before everything else.

I had to outbid @Kurt_B_e_i_t_l_e_r for it in the BD14 auctions…. :eyes::crazy_face:

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You should try his Chardonnay if you haven’t already. Absolutely amazing stuff.

What a beautiful shot, Dave! Thank you for sharing, and supporting, as always!! :cowboy_hat_face: