Shouldn't the Negroni rate its own thread?

Love to see the combos used out there.

I’ve been going Plymouth Gin, Campano Antica, Campari and orange bitters. Equal parts on the booze.

And you?

tanqueray here, mostly because of the proof and the ability to do some nice dilution. i love plymouth, but to me it’s a little weak for a negroni.

campari is…shit.

instead, i use a blend of gran clasisco and leopold brothers aperitivo

for the vermouth, 50/50 pre-blended antica formula and punt e mes

for bitters, usually miracle mile yuzu or some other citrus forward blend. the pandan/coconut or celery really works well here.

to me, it’s the perfect cocktail. just barely edging out a manhattan.

for variations, boulevardier and kingston are my favorites.

and of course, house smoked bottled negroni!



had a white mezcal negroni at Contra in NY that was great. the smoky flavor from the mezcal really went well with the dry white vermouth. I suppose technically since it wasn’t made with gin, not really a negroni but enjoyable all the same…

Love Negroni, love Boulevardier.

Nice thread, will be paying attention. Best Negroni I’ve had was at The Modern bar, NY, topped with blood orange foam. I can still smell and taste that drink years later.

My take on the Negroni is somewhat in line with Yaacov’s.

1 part Tanqueray
1 part Campari
.5 part Carpano Antica
.5 part Punt es Mes
2 dashes bitter truth orange bitters
blood orange twist

I’ve tried the gran classico substitution and leopold bros substitution. Neither has improved the drink for my tastes. I have yet to try the GC/LB mix substitution. Will do so this weekend. One of the things that is so great about the Negroni is the striking color (which comes from the Campari).

Anyone try Hayman’s Old Tom in a Negroni? I did Bombay Sapphire once and it sucked.

i haven’t, but given the 40% abv, that’s too low.

Except where you diverge from him on the Campari issue. :wink:

Your recipe is almost identical to mine. I have also not found various Campari substitutions to make a better drink for my taste, not in a negroni and certainly not in a Campari spritz. It’s nice NOT to be a snob about something. For once.

I like younger tasting vermouth and don’t care much about the gin. Nardini amaro is the closest I’ve come to being a Campari substitute but it’s not really worth the extra money.

Any thought to swapping out the Vermouth for an Amontillado or Oloroso?

i’m super into this.

here are some ideas. The Pale Rider looks amazing. Sherry Vermouth

I like going heavy on the orange bitters - and agree that fresh vermouth is important

Nice! The Come Dancing! & SPanish Negroni both caught my eye.

I use St George Bruto Americano. An under the radar vermouth is Mancino…give it a shot, but agree on Carpano/Punt E Mes, and like Big Gin from Seattle and Brokers for value or Botanist.

We sell a bunch of these so I’m probably biased.

Had a delicious version in a cool little spot in Brooklyn yesterday.

Gin, Punt e Mes, Campari, Orange Bitters

great call on st george bruto americano. i’m hopeful more companies chase the campari hegemony

Why the wrong glass though?