Short rib recipe ( older ) Looking for it

Their was someone who had posted w short rib recipe ( yrs ago ), could have been in the ole spectator board. I cant remember her name and lost the recipe. Thoughts/ help

I usually brown on all sides in the pan and then roast in the oven at a low temp 275… for two to three hours so that the meat is falling off the bone… it is a fatty cut but delish. Use some stock, wine, or water and make sure it does not dry out.

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Apologies for the crude and reversed way of presenting this. I had this attached to an old email I sent to myself from the old Squires board.

Anyway, I think there’s a good chance this is what you’re looking for. I’ve made them several times over the years. A really good short rib recipe!

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Thats it Pete


Yep-I have that too and have used it numerous times. You should see mine-splatter spots all over it, about 30 different notes scribbled… :rofl:

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It’s a great recipe, Dan. I think Robert Fleming originally posted it way back when.

I haven’t made it in awhile. It’s on tap for Christmas dinner. Maybe Mama’s Pecan Pie for dessert!


I have one of those scheduled for thanksgiving

I printed this in 2006!


D_Zurcher— I remember modifications I did too.


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Funny, my wife and I were just talking about making short ribs. For those that have done this particular recipe, what modifications did you like? How close to “barbecue sauce” is this? It’s a significant departure from the typical prep involving spuds, carrots, herbs, garlic, etc. and am curious.

Yup, this is the one I do, it’s flawless…

@Charlie_Carnes has a fantastic one as well, including mirapoix

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Its not anything like bbq sauce actually-just a significantly reduced wine/beef sauce. I add herbs and spices for complexity. I strain out all the solids, and finish it with some butter at the end. Quite rich and decadent.

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Thanks for the mention! My recipe is actually from the Senate in Cincinnati. Those guys do miracles with cased meat. But they have a fantastic short rib recipe. The key for me is to make demiglaze the night before. And house Flannery short ribs, both styles are fantastic.

I highly recommend the cookbook from the senate, talk about gourmet hotdogs and brats!