Short report on our trip to Singapore

Thought I’d report back on our trip back in September. Basically everything but the weather was great, but the weather was godawful for anyone that hates heat/humidity.


Everything indoors including metro stations is air conditioned
The bird park and zoo were both great
The new botanic gardens were wonderful (and mostly indoors! in giant climate controlled domes). If we go back we’ll visit the old botanic gardens, maybe in the morning before it gets too hot.
City landscaping is beautiful. I was told each of the trees is numbered and its condition tracked centrally.
Food is generally excellent. Great meals at Iggy and Ding Dong. The Hawker stalls are fun and some of the food very good. Killiney Cafe was great for breakfast.
The Singapore flyer was fun and a romantic thing to do late at night as you go up above the city lights.
Good macarons are available
Excellent walking tours are available -
The metro was amazingly pleasant and efficient - even more than Hong Kong which had been my gold standard before this
Signage is great. It seemed like all you had to do was look up and you’d see a sign directing you to where you wanted to go
English is widely spoken, even more so than in Hong Kong
Even though I didn’t get to the recommended chili crab place the one we had was very good.

The weather!
Sentosa Island was not worth the visit

So really a beautiful island with lots to do. Perhaps early September wasn’t the best time to visit but since it’s so close to the equator I’d guess the weather doesn’t get that much better. Recommended for people who don’t collapse in hot/humid weather.

Don’t like humidity, eh? I was there around Jan. 1 and it was a little better, not quite as hot but it rained lightly 2-3 times a day. No point in getting dry unless you want to walk with an umbrella, which it seemed the locals do.

Any wines of note?..and I take it you didn’t make it to the Sands Marina casino with the sky park?

I opened a 2007 Rhys Family Farm with a friend from another wine board. Left 2 other wines with him including a 2012 Eminence Road ‘Elizabeths Vineyard’ Cabernet Franc which he loved. He poured some Clos Roche Blanche and Coulee de Serrant (which had been open a few days and was surprisingly good).

Iggy’s was doing a single blind wine tasting at lunch which I nailed :slight_smile:. Three vineyards of 2010 Chevillon and 2 vintages of NSG blanc (probably Gouges but I don’t recall), a 2009 and a 2010.

Absolutely agree with Jay re: easiest place to get around. Everybody speaks English (often followed by “La”) and I never felt threatened/concerned. Funniest sign? Cross walk buttons have signs that read “Push button for little green man.” (little green man being the lit-up man in the “walk” sign)

That said, Singapore is a challenge for me now. Absolutely love the traditional stuff - hawker stalls, chili crab, overpriced cocktails and I’ve watched rugby for hours in a couple of the outdoor restaurant/garden areas. But with MBS (Marina Bay Sands), everything is out of whack. Was there last summer and went nuts on the MBS side, including spending a good 3-4 hours holding up the bar and eating dinner at Boulud’s place.

Old School
Boulud’s - because nothing says “Singapore” quite like a Manhattan and French Onion Soup
Other thing at Boulud’s I really enjoyed - Madelines. Normally not a big dessert guy, but I killed the whole basket of these things, which hit my plate about thirty seconds after they came out of the oven.

I guess if I ever make it back to Singapore (which I would love to do during a cold wave) I’ll have to visit MBS. Of course I can get great madelines and onion soup in NYC.

Totally agreed, which was my challenge. Worst case, you need to see the pool at MBS, which is a ridiculous experience :smiley: I enjoyed Boulud, specifically, because it was an easy score after getting off later than expected at work. There’s a tunnel from MBS to the casino/restaurants/mall so, didn’t have to wander around at 9 PM trying to figure out where to go eat.