Short notice NYC Berserkerfest- Wednesday, March 18th

So, three years ago, Ed Kurtzman, Morgan Clendenen and Peter Cargasacchi came to town for a distributor tastings and wanted to get together at Peking Duck House with some of the natives. I bunch of us got together with them and a great time was had by all. Well, Ed and Morgan are coming back and Todd French has also decided to drop on by, so we’re planning on getting together again, but figured we’d make it more like a short notice Berserkerfest that anyone that’s free may attend.

The specifics:

Where: Peking Duck House, 236 East 53rd Street.

When: Wednesday, March 18th, 7:00 pm.

Stemware: Bring it!

Unlike in previous years, where we had everyone pay upfront, to keep things easier, each table will be responsible for ordering what they want and will pay their own bill, though everyone will be getting the mixed app plate we’ve all come to love and each table will get a minimum of three ducks. Feel free to add apps, entrees ormore ducks if you wish.

But, before we talk about tables, let’s see who’s in as that will determine the number of tables we have.

Please reply here, or feel free to pm or email to let me know if you’d like to come and how many people will be in your party.

Here’s where we stand with attendance thus far:

Ed Kurtzman ( 10 Top #1)
Todd French ( 10 Top #1)
Brad Kane ( 10 Top #1)
Suzanne Camhi & Kenny Shusterman ( 10 Top #2)
Leo Frokic ( 10 Top #2)
Michel Abood ( 10 Top #2)
Brent Clayton ( 10 Top #1)
Chris Kravitz ( 10 Top #1)
Ben Goldberg ( 10 Top #1)
Greg dal Piaz ( 10 Top #1)
David Sugarman ( 10 Top #2)
Brad Trent ( 10 Top #1)
Joe Czerwinski ( 10 Top #1)
Mike Cohen ( 10 Top #1)
Dan Hammer ( 10 Top #3)
Jay Hack ( 10 Top #3)
Steven Eisenhauer (8 Top #1)
Victor Hong ( 10 Top #4)
Adam W ( 10 Top #3)
Diane Kessler ( 10 Top #2)
Chris Savino (8 Top #1)
Mike Pobega (8 Top #1)
Matt Citrang (10 Top #4)
Erez Lencner ( 10 Top #3)
Ethan Abraham ( 10 Top #3)
Corey Miller (8 Top #2)
Ted Erfer + 2 ( 10 Top #4)
Jay Miller ( 10 Top #1)
Greg McCarthy ( 10 top #2)
Bob Fyke (8 Top #3)
Eric Guido (8 Top #3)
Josh Kurek + 3 (Rachel Kitaeff, Al Antigua, Matt Neel) (8 Top #2)
Gary Zimberg ( 10 Top #2)
Thomas Rippe (8 Top #1)
Collen & Allen Prince ( 10 Top #4)
Brian Zamkotowicz + 1 (10 Top #4)
Carrie Dolcon ( 10 top #2)
Peter Kleban ( 10 top #3)
Dave Norinskii + 1 (No contact- spots open until I hear otherwise)
Margie Russell (8 Top #2)
Andrew Kail (8 Top #2)
Ellen Shell ( 10 Top #3)
Robin Stark ( 10 Top #2)
Alan Wax + 1 ( 10 Top #3)
David Zylberberg ( 10 top #3)
Frank Baldi ( 10 top #4)
Kevin Lancelotta (8 Top #1)
Dominic Delarosa (8 Top #1)
Chelsea Hamilton (8 Top #1)
Mike Kovacs (8 Top #1)
Alex Nicholas (8 Top #2)
Mikhail Lipyanskiy (8 Top #3)
Robin Brinn (8 Top #3)
Fernando Losado- last minute maybe (8 Top #3)

Total: 61 2-3 more spots available.

People still needing Tables:


10 top # 1 - Full- Convoluted theme.
Brad Kane- Table head
Todd French
Ed Kurtzman
Greg dal Piaz
Chris Kravitz
Brad Trent
Mike Cohen
Joe Czerwinski
Ben Goldberg
Brent Clayton

10 Top # 2- Full- Champagne/Burgundy
Suzanne Camhi- Table head.
Kenny Shusterman
Leo Frokic
Michel Abood
David Sugarman
Gary Zimberg
Robin Stark
Diane Kessler
Greg McCarthy
Carrie Dolcon

10 Top # 3- Full- Pinot from CA, OR, Burgundy, Rhone & CDP.
Dan Hammer- Table Head
Ellen Shell
Jay Hack
Alan Wax + 1 (Shane)
Erez Lencner
David Zylberberg
Peter Kleban
Ethan Abraham
Adam W

10 Top # 4 Full- Burgundy, CA Pinot, Riesling, but open to others
Ted Erfer (Table Head) + 2
Colleen Prince + 1 (Allen)
Frank Baldi
Victor Hong
Brian Zamkotowicz + 1
Matt Citrang

8 Top # 1- Full- New World/California
Chris Savino- Table head
Kevin Lancelotta
Dominic Delarosa
Tom Rippe
Chelsea Hamilton
Mike Kovacs
Steve Eisenhauer
Mike Pobega

8 Top # 2- Full- Diversity other than high octane
Josh Kurek- Table head
Rachel Kitaeff
Al Antigua
Matt Neel
Andrew Kail
Alex Nicholas
Corey Miller
Margie Russell

8 Top # 3 spots open- Italy/Spain/France "Wines that don’t suck"
Bob Fyke- Table Head.
Eric Guido
Mikhail Lipyanskiy
Robin Brinn
Fernando Losado- last minute maybe.

Thanks, Brad - will be great to meet a few faces I’ve not previously had the chance to meet!

I vote Table 1 Burgundy and Champagne! neener

Add me in, look forward to it.

Please add my name to the list

I had a geat time last time we did this. I’m in.

New members please note… You’ll have a good time eating, drinking, and making new friends. Please come. If your cellar isn’t deep, don’t worry. Come anyway and bring something, anything. Some of the attendees will be so busy drinking Italian wine and Champagne, so they won’t notice your bottle. [whistle.gif]

At the previous event, I found that all wines go with duck; not just pinot noir, Champagne, and sweet wines. [wink.gif]

OK you talked me into it. Put me in please.

I would be interested

I’d be interested (subject to irrops)

I will try to make it.
Always love getting together with Carg and Kurtz.
Confirmation shortly.

Guess I’ll have to bring Carg in my carryon, as he’s not currently on the list… newhere

Interested, probably +1

Like T-Bone, he would probably enjoy that. [snort.gif]


Can’t wait to see everyone! Ted, Peter is banned from PDH, sorry. Last time we were there, he thought of a cool way (in his mind) to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the miracle landing in the Hudson of US Air flight 1549. He convinced the kitchen staff at PDH to substitute Canada geese for duck at our gathering, but to serve the geese without telling anyone. No one noticed, and everyone enjoyed what they thought was duck. However, the NY Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources found some surveillance video of Peter gathering up several Canada geese in a marsh near LaGuardia. One thing led to another, and with satellite records, they traced Peter bringing the geese to PDH. The kitchen staff was reprimanded, the owner fined, and of course Peter is persona non grata at PDH. How’s that for a Peter-like story?

It’s such a Peter-like story that I’m wondering if Peter himself is posting under your username…

This is going to be just like the olden days!

Got this as a gift '10 Sandler Wine Company Pinot Noir Clos Pepe Vineyard. Maybe I should bring it along to see if it’s any good. neener

As a cop once said to my friend, “well, that’s semi-believable.”

My plan is to let dan decide what I should bring from the MC neener