Shipping Wine to Friends and Family?

Haven’t checked in on this subject in a few years, so I wanted to see what recent experiences are with shipping wine to a travel destination vis the common carriers? I’ve never had an issue in the past with shipping a case or so out to a vacation destination or family, but it’s been a while and I wanted to survey the field.

I believe it is still illegal unless you have a liquor license.

Avoid the squeaky styrofoam if your using a traditional 12 pack container. I think this is the only box they “look” for but I’ve found if you pack tight and squeak free it avoids the questions at drop off.

It is still illegal to ship wine w/o proper licensing. It is still legal to ship olive oil, however, and well insulated and packaged boxes that do not conform to the appearance of standard shippers can be very safe for that purpose.

I’m curious about the technicality, but is it illegal to ship to yourself or is it just against the common carriers’ policies?

Not that it applies to me. I just go through a LOT of olive oil when I’m on vacation.

Easier to ship a gun than wine.

And maybe easier to buy in the US, too.

Last year, i shipped some wine to some friends using UPS. I was told that only certain UPS stores could ship wine. I used one of those stores and had no problem. Since then I have heard rumors that UPS has stopped shipping wine all together for private parties.
Phil Jones

Per a visit to the local UPS store in Santa Rosa in July: common carriers will only ship wine with a valid shipper license.

Since you went there… Legally shipping a gun is not as easy as you say. It is actually physically easy, like many here are talking about bending the law to get wine from A to B. But getting nabbed would be a lot worse for a gun than for wine. That being said, it is bulls@#$ that a grown man cannot ship wine to another grown man in another area…


Double-hulled shipping boxes for olive oil, home-made preserves, artisanal vinegars, etc…

I have heard from a friend that shipping olive oil from a business address and account will generally get less scrutiny than a drop off at a UPS or Fedex location.:wink:

As I think I have posted before and from a delivery driver (won’t give the company). Arrange a pick up from your home or office on line. The driver doesn’t care what it is (as long as it isn’t dangerous), it’s just another box to them.

I have personally shipped “olive oil” many t8mes, too.


Agreed. My experience as well. The drivers all knew what it was but they didn’t care.

You can use ILS, they will use a common carrier for small shipments, call or email and ask for quote to ship wine ( I believe they charge more), they will ask where its going you pay them and they will email you the required labels.