Shipping Weather

A winery in Napa shipped their wines out this week. It’s 80-85 degrees in the afternoon in SoCal this week (takes two days to arrive). Would you be concerned? The Fedex truck is not temperature controlled. I was surprised when I got the shipping email alert. No harm in waiting a week.

I just received a shipment this week from a winery in Napa today. Given that I know they stand behind their wines if anything is indeed wrong with them (which I don’t expect), I have no reservation about them choosing to ship this week.

FedEx, UPS, GSO, etc. have virtually no coverage for heat damage. The winery would have to eat the cost of heat damaged wine and either replace or refund you. Some wineries are not as forgiving for such an event and you’d be out of pocket for the loss. You can always pay for “additional insurance” with FedEx, UPS, etc. but its basically worthless as they have so many exclusions including heat damage…

Good luck!!!

I wouldn’t ship without ice when it’s in the 80s, although one winery did ship a case when it was 80 or so without my authorization, but the wine seems fine enough so far. I’m shipping on Monday when it cools off.