Shipping screw up...

So I had some wine shipped from the east coast to me via FedEx ground. I get a notice from FedEX about 2 hours ago that they couldn’t deliver because they didn’t have my Suite number. I looked at the address that the merchant had and it looked fine except it put my suite number underneath my city and state. I can only assume that fedex mistakenly didn’t see it.

Let me be clear, I AM NOT BLAMING THE MERCHANT AT ALL. The FedEx dude should have seen the suite number regardless. Now, since I won’t be in the office tomorrow, I had to reroute it to my home for delivery. They say that since it’s a reroute it might not make it out tomorrow and would only be deliverable on Tuesday (since it was shipped ground residential, they don’t deliver on Monday.)

What the hell do I do? If it doesn’t make it out tomorrow, I won’t see the wine until tuesday and that’s an extra 4 days on the truck. Luckily, it’s in the low 70’s here, but still…this sucks.

Man, that sucks! What wines were they?

2 x 2005 Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux
2 x 2005 Chateau Lagrange

If they are packed in a Styrofoam shipper then you probably have nothing to worry about.


But annoying.

ha ! that’s what you get for buyin’ out of state neener just kidding of course.

As the guys said , they should be ok if they are in styro . I’ve learned to put the Ste. # next to the address so mistakes don’t happen like that. Is this the first time this fed-ex bafoon has seen your name on a tag ?

No Cali Sales tax and free shipping…I saved myself a few bones going out of state!! FedEx has been here a million times, but this guy is just a putz.

4 days in the low 70s won’t make any difference at all to the condition of the wines. So, yeah, annoying, but not anything to worry about.

so are you but we don’t hold that against you flirtysmile
my sweet little yonster

They should have shipped first thing Monday, even to CA it arrives by Thursday unless you are in the boonies. You also should have taken into consideration the holiday weekend and not shipped this week, just in case, especially if you knew it wasn’t going out Monday. Not that I’m blaming the customer [wink.gif] , just something to try and remember for next time.

Yoni, sometimes they offer a pickup at location too, which may be slightly less convenient for you but could keep the wine from sitting somewhere over the holiday weekend.

When we ship ground from the West Coast to the East it takes a full 5 business days, if I ship on Monday it gets there the following Monday since they don’t count the pickup day and I don’t exactly consider Napa the boonies . I wonder why FedEx is closed Monday and UPS is not.

Brent, I think you are also assuming that the retailer is communicating with the customer prior to shipping. Not sure of Yoni’s circumstance, but I received a surprise email from a retailer this week that my wine had been shipped (from NJ to CA) on Tuesday. This was a Brunello pre-order that had been pending for 6-8 months. I presume they checked the weather, but did not check with me to verify I would be available to receive or to confirm my shipping address hadn’t changed in the many months since the order was placed. Also, shipped cross country on Tuesday, rather than Monday. I wasn’t happy, but was pleasantly surprised the wine was delivered today. My fear, like Yoni’s was that it was going to sit on a truck over the long weekend.

Yoni, I share your frustration. I once had a delivery failure on two attempts due to the address being one digit off. The label error was not the driver’s fault, but the business name (---- Wine Storage) was on the label, and the building was directly across the street with “---- Wine Storage” in large letters on the front of the building.
Not sure how anyone could have missed that…twice!




Fedex Ground takes 5 days to CA. If it ships on a Monday, Friday is the EARLIEST it will be there, boonies or not.

FEDEX is not closed Monday. They do not make Home deliverys on monday But they are in regular operation on this monday (Columbus Day). As for the first thing does not matter when you ship a package unless it is after 6pm all packages picked up or dropped off arrive at the sort sometime around 7pm and that when the clock starts on shipping not when you drop it or have it picked up. If you were not planning on drionking this wine this weekend as I assumed you are not the temp will not hurt this wine. My personal thought is that you should have let it get shipped to your office and let it sit there until you could collect it. Good Luck.