Shipping boxes & packing

In the past I just recycled at work all my packing and store the cardboard boxes in the cellar crawl space for moving boxes, etc. With the last deilvery from Antica Terra, I asked if they could use the shippers and they said yes as they cost about $10. I now save them, but they a stacking up. Where can I give them away with out having to deliver them out of Portland?
Ciao, Dennis

Generally what I, and a lot of people around me do is just post that you have them and people on the board who are in your area may claim them. Unfortunately besides that, mine find the garbage

Fortunately more and more wineries are using recycled and biodegradable types of material. The ones that I can I break down the materials and recycle. Unfortunately I can’t really do anything with the Styrofoam inserts if a winery is still using those. I set them out.

I’ve found that wine stores are more than happy to have them. Since there are many in Portland, I’ll recommend the two members here - Michael Alberty at Storyteller Wine in John’s Landing and Travis Fantz at Garrison Wine Co. on SE Morrison at 15th, adjacent to Nostrana. Or take a nice drive out to Amity and give them to Maggie.

CT? I’m confused. Why is a post about boxes and shipping on CT? I thought CT was for tasting notes?

Oh, Geez. Dildine goes anal retentive. [soap.gif]

Sorry for the fau pau, I thought CT was for Cellar Tracker, that’s an abbreviation over there. Please don’t shot me, I won’t do it again. I thought the wine glass was for TN as the tasting notes have a TN [oops.gif]

Thanks for the heads up. Michael posted to say he will take them when I pick up wine.