Sherry wines in Granada, Spain

If you are into quality sherry and find yourself in Granada, do not mis Bar Kiki. It’s on the hill facing the Alhambra, Plaza de San Nicolas, 9. Open only for lunch and 'till 4pm.
This is a temple dedicated to the worshipping of sherry with the most extravagant collection on the list. Best offering I’ve seen outside Sanlúcar.
Equipo Navazos? Check. Barbadillo? Check. Primitivo Collantes? Check. V.O.R.S.? Check. Pasada? Check.
And on and on.

VORS is the way to go. So excellent!

Now you tell me 2 years after I was there!! Gee, thanks!

PS: Not sherry, but if you do want a fun spot, Hanalei Tiki Bar is a trip.

Where do you recommend in Sanlucar for a great selection? It has been too long since I’ve been there and am due a visit soon?

Taberna der Guerrita got lots of love on this thread. (Also, welcome to the board!)

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Thanks Patrick, glad to be here!

yes Taberna der Guerrita is a lovely little spot and also a wine shop filled with sherry, of course.
I’d add El Espejo if you are looking for a full and more elaborate meal.

Will be in Andalusia in September. Do you know how easy it is to enjoy just tastings, not tours, in Jerez? Planning on a tour of Tradicion, but then to drop into 2-4 other places in the city to sample and perhaps buy. Suggestions welcome.

I was in Jerez De La Frontera in December and could only book tours + tastings. If you want to do just tasting, I would find a sherry-oriented bar or restaurant. La Carbona in Jerez de la Frontera had a lot of obscure stuff. Just sit at the bar and explain what you’d like to do. (It might be helpful if your hotel could arrange it ahead of time, so they know to expect a Berserker.)

Bodegas Tradition is a good choice; they literally have a small art museum of masterworks you can enjoy after the tasting. But my favorite was Gonzalez Byass / Tio Pepe; it was touristy but their VORS flight was spectacular!

Whoa! Thought I’d only be drinking Tio Pepe there. Thanks for the heads up.

We called Dios Baco and El Maestro Sierra. No tastings but both have stores.

Estevez/Valdespino may have a tasting option. Will call closer to our visit to confirm.

DiezMerito didn’t answer the phone.

Hope to make it to Sanlucar also. Given the group dynamics was happy to carve out a night in Jerez vs a day trip, but will also be in Cordoba, Sevilla and along the coast. Will have plenty of chances to sample many items, as noted in this thread on Grenada… pity I was there about a decade ago and missed this spot. Was only one night…

Thanks all.