Shelton Brothers "The Festival": 21-22 June '13 Portland, ME

I just heard this year the festival will be close to home…should be a beer geek’s dream weekend. Anyone planning on making a drive up? I’ve already talked to some of the locals and it sounds like there’ll be some pretty wild dinners and off-lines.

I’m interested to learn more details, but I will probably be there for the 22nd. I assume Novare Res will have something to do with the event(s).

Yes…and if you and Becky would like to crash here you’re more than welcome. My brother will be back then too…so I’m hoping he’ll join me there as well.

Is anyone else going to this? If so…should we talk trades here as well? I’ve got a good amount of Cantillon, Allagash, and other sours…but would love to get my hands on some more Hill Farmstead beers.

{sigh} … I wish. I have to believe some 3 Fonteinen will be in the house.

I’m ignoring this whole thread.

correct, I think with a new beer to show

The “Intense Red”? I noticed yesterday, on Untappd, that Mark had one of these; I asked him about it, but he hasn’t responded yet. I want to know what’s up with this beer!!

I saw on FB that Cantillon is also pouring some brand new beer for this as well? Sigh…
Hopefully when I am in Belgium next summer I am going to get to take some of this stuff back with me.
Intense Red from 3 Fonteinen? I HAVE to try some of that. As I have said before- I loved what I have had before from them, top-notch beer and as good as anyone.

Yes…there’s going to be some prety cool beers here for sure. I’m also excited to try the Tilquin Prune Geuze.

Prune Geuze?!?!!? [shock.gif] rolleyes

Yeah, ya know, to keep regular after a bender. [snort.gif]

Oh…maybe it was a plum geuze?

Yep…just found out today. It is Plums…not prunes

But if they sun-dry the soaked plums afterwards, then you may have something…

Those are on a short list of things I really hope make it to VA after this festival.

plums sounds a lot better than the dried plums. Please try to try it and report back for us — take pics, too, if possible!

Done and done…heading off to the Fest soon.