Shafer Hunter: RueLaLa

Three Pack of 2006 Shafer One Point Five for $105.

Two Pack of 2005 Hillside Select for $409.

Some other mixed packs are there as well.

Cali must be hurting with stacked up inventory.

The Hillside is sold out.

That 1.5 price is just absurd.

Max of 6 btls, FYI.

Didn’t take long for the SHSS.

I bet people on the Shafer mailing list(s) are pissed off right about now.

Probably - but that wine was available at retail stores nationwide in mass quantity during the fall…(mass quantity being a relative term…)

What was mailing list Shafer price?

Yeah, but is the 1.5 any good? I have never tried it, much less that specific vintage.


I enjoyed the 2005 with Pacheco and Taffe about a year ago. At this price for the 2005 I would back the truck up…for the '06, it is worth a flyer IMHO.

If anyone didn’t see the link on the other site and needs an invite, feel free to use" onclick=";return false;

gives $10 per order credit. If someone else has already posted this that I’m not seeing or this is a total douchebag maneuver for some reason, lemme know :slight_smile:

Nah, I dropped off [rofl.gif] .


$215 plus tax plus shipping - looking at close to $250 when all is said and done…easy passsssssssssssssss

Picked up the 1.5s. Thanks Bill. Minor thread drift- Does anyone know why they call this wine “One Point Five”? I had a friend order it at dinner once thinking it was a magnum of HHS. Why create confusion?

From the website

“Many family-owned businesses have their second-generation story –
a first generation handing over the reins of an established, profitable
enterprise to a son or daughter. Things happened a little differently here
at Shafer. John Shafer started the winery in 1978, released his first wine
in 1981, and his son Doug joined the family venture two years later.
They’ve worked side-by-side for so long it’s more like a
generation-and-a-half story. Or, as we like to call it, One Point Five.”


"The One Point Five label takes its name from the generation-and-a-half idea.
One Point Five is sourced primarily from two Stags Leap District vineyards – Shafer’s hillside estate and the Borderline vineyard located two miles south of the winery, a 25-acre site purchased by the winery in 1999."

I thought it was just because they were charging 1.5 x what this was before it was just the regular Cab (check it out the math works). [rofl.gif]

The first 1.5 I have really liked, the 06 was tasted back in March 09 with good results. usually a bit bulky for my taste, and can sometimes be oaky messes, this was a bit more focused.

2006 Shafer One Point Five Cabernet Sauvignon- Big bold and showy style of rough and ready cabernet. Dense black currant with some camphor and tar. Some slight vanilla notes. Big chewy but sophisticated tannins with a nice balance throughout. I like the turn these have made with the re-branding of One Point Five. 91/100

Great deal indeed. 3 please!

Just ordered 3. I had the 05 and liked it so I figured at this great price, it was worth a shot.

One Point Five in the house!

RueLaLa did a good job here, even if they did initiate shipping on a Thursday.

Mine arrived yesterday as well, Mike.