SF Offline Feb 18 @ Zazie (no corkage)

Looks like a plan to do this on Tuesday Feb 18 @ Zazie (no corkage) @ 7:30pm.

We’re going to stay loose with theme. Vague suggestions of Chard, Syrah, and Nebbiolo. More importantly though, bring something you know you want to share (rather than going way outside your wheelhouse). Go ahead and post bottles in the thread if you know what you’re going to bring and that can help others find things that might be complementary.

Looking forward to this!

Attendees (max 9):

  • Joe D + Mark (confirmed, 2007 Clos Saron Heart of Stone Syrah + 2012 Gramercy Cellars The Deuce Syrah + bonus 2014 Laherte Frères Champagne Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Les Grandes Crayeres)
  • Andy K + wife (confirmed, 1998 Jaboulet La Chapelle + 2007 Hirtzberger Riesling Hochrain)
  • Craig G + Howard (confirmed, 1999 Jaboulet La Chapelle + Aubert Chard)
  • Rich F (confirmed, 1997 Henri Bonneau Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Marie Beurrier)
  • Stephen C (confirmed, 2010 Rostaing La Landonne)
  • Brendan B (confirmed, 1995 Robert Ampeau & Fils Meursault 1er Cru La Pièce-sous-le-Bois + bonus Champagne)


  • Linda B
  • Cindy W
  • Leonard M

I’m generally interested, but depends on final date and location.

Suggestions/Preferences on either?

Zazie is a zero-corkage option for Tuesdays.

Good suggestion. I remember eating brunch there a few times when I lived in SF, but don’t know if I ever had dinner. I also appreciate that they are explicitly and literally no-tips-expected. So menu price is menu price.

Have you done a berserkers dinner there? Any idea if they’re comfortable with a large number of bottles?

Edit: Seems like their website addresses this clearly:

Tuesday Nights- No Corkage Night

Every Tuesday night, we encourage you to gather friends and meet up at Zazie for dinner with > as many bottles of wine as you can gracefully handle> . This is a great chance to pop open those bottles you’ve been meaning to share, or just have a frugal fun night. Our $43 three course pre-fixe dinner includes service, so send out the group text and meet up in person, just like the old days!

So, this sounds like a pretty good starting plan.

Tuesday night Feb 18th, Zazie, no corkage.

Those of you who can make it, please start chiming in with preferences on theme.

Yes, we’ve done many dinners there and they are very friendly. Ownership just changed but it was bought by long-term employees so hopefully it will continue the same way.

So, you in? :slight_smile:

Tuesday at Zazie should work for me!

I’m in + 1 (neighbor Howard)

Add me please!

What time are you thinking, Joe? I would advocate for 7pm, I’m having a hard time leaving work early enough to get there by 6 or 6.30…

If there’s room, please add a tentative +1 for my wife.

Reservations are available at 730 so I booked for 9 ppl for then, which is the max without a special reservation. I prefer 8 but it gives us a buffer for an extra person. Assuming Andy’s wife is in we’re up to 6 so far and I may also have a guest.

Interested if still room.

Absolutely, you’re in.

I’m interested in joining if there’s space!

You’re in. I think you win the prize for fewest posts per year that you’ve been a member here, so I feel honored!

I’m going to make it waitlist from here. It’s at least 50% likely the first person on the waitlist makes it in as my +1 is very tentative at this point (theme dependent, etc).

Wait list me please

You guys are awesome! So great to see this level of interest so quickly.

I haven’t been to an offline in forever! Waitlist me, please!