SF Bay Area Tasting Group - Peninsula to North Bay

Hey All,

With a handful of successful offline’s this year and last, I’ve heard from a few different folks that there’s an interest in putting together a recurring tasting group. Less of a focus on dinner and 18+ bottles (which I love so not a dig at that style at all!) and more of a tailored experience. E.g. producer deep dives, region to region comparisons, up and coming vs old guard producers, etc.

My goal is to create a group that’s motivated by curiosity, a genuine interest in learning, and sharing awesome wines.

Ideally, this isn’t a one off event so please keep that in mind when expressing interest. Depending on response, this could be monthly, bi monthly or quarterly.

I’m open to hosting the first at my house in Marin but wanted to get a temp check from the group. Ideal headcount is about 6 and first event in April or early May.

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I’m generally interested in joining the group, but it depends on location of the events for me. Marin may only work if very infrequently for me (but thank you for offering to host!!)

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Also interested; schedule is very tight thru May (traveling, remodel) but please let me know what you’re thinking schedule-wise for the first one

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Interested. Ignore the above two guys, they only drink beer

(joking, we’re friends)


I am interested, too. Please keep me in the loop.


I’m definitely interested

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Interested, but Marin is a bit of schlep. I live in Belmont so SF is pretty much as far as I’m willing to go.

Realize Marin is far for some. I certainly don’t have a problem with finding a spot in SF if someone is offering but didn’t want to suggest this idea without an initial location.

I had imagined that the group would switch off hosting and I could handle the other planning aspects.

@Yao_C when do you two get back?

There seems to be quite a bit of interest here, so I could see the group becoming larger than 6 on average, which makes hosting more challenging. Meeting at restaurants in the city could be an easier option… There are some good options for places that don’t have corkage, although they are generally less “fancy” (which I prefer anyway), but I’m open to any other ideas :wink:

Also very interested and thanks for putting this concept out there. I live in the East Bay so a central SF location would be more enticing to me.

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Hey yes, I definitely agree. We’re flying back May 29

@AndyK I don’t believe it’s necessarily a bad idea to cap attendance though. A smaller group size has its benefits. But maybe 6 is too small.

My concern with restaurants is it’s generally a louder/more distracting environment. Plus trying to balance the food choices as to not conflict. Just a different type of event. Seems like the events we’ve done at restaurants just become less focused.

Could try and find an Airbnb that would allow this type of thing. I definitely hear that SF is more appealing.

I’m interested when I’m town, but like others, find it hard to head to Marin (although my friend Jake in San Anselmo who is a big Rioja / Jura geek might find the idea very appealing!)

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I’m interested and would come up to Marin. Let me know what you sort out!

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Great, thanks both! I’ll let this sit for the next few days to get everyones interest and then post next steps!

I’ll be sending out a survey for those who are in to help direct the first theme, make sure everyone is getting the most out of this, and determine dates.

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Keep me posted. May is a wash for me due to travel but June will work.

Interested as well, especially if the location is SF or peninsula. Marin could work occasionally as a stop on a Sonoma trip. Agree that restaurants are challenging for the format you’re envisioning. Will think about alternatives (park?). Thanks for instigating!

Please add me to the list of interested folks from the peninsula

I’m interested too! Would love a group that met in Marin, but willing to go to SF as well since there seems to be so much more interest in events there.

I’d theoretically be willing to host up to 10 in SF if people don’t mind slightly rustic setting (folding chairs, etc).