SF Bay Area/Peninsula OL - May 13 - Paul Matins

How does May look for everyone?
I have someone who’d like to attend.
Thinking May 13…back to Paul Martin’s?

It’s a great venue and we can request private indoor table or outside patio.


Date - May 13

Time - 6:30pm

Place - Paul Martin’s

Theme(s) - Italian, and…

Wine connoisseurs
Dan (+1)
Andy (+1)
George (+1)
ChrisB (+1)

Works for me!

Should be able to attend. Themes for wines? Let’s get creative.

How about different flights?
And definitely one white wine flight!



Count me in.

Probably plus one

Yes very creative and glad you narrowed it down :joy:

Not sure I narrowed it down that much either but here are some ideas.

Whites: puligny, Chablis, Riesling, Champagne, Bordeaux blanc, Loire whites, Rhône whites.

Reds: Vosne, Chambolle, Pommard, Northern Rhône, volnay, older Iconic Napa cab producers, Brunellos, Piemonte, way to young Burgs, way to old Burgs, Cabernet not from CA…

White flight is a problem especially in our postindustrial Eastern cities. I vote no. We should work to improve our neighborhood schools, not abandon them.

LOL you’re funny


In. Thx for coordinating Dan.

I’m in

Ok, I’m gonna contact PM.
Do we have a preference of indoors vs outdoors?
I may cap at 12 and start a waitlist beyond that.

I’ll play.

I should be able to make this one…

Possibly, I’ll let you know closer to the date…

I’m in!

If we end up with so many peeps, outside seating may be the way to go.