SF Bay Area/Peninsula OL - Aug 13, Sole

Didn’t know what August looks like for everyone.

Should we skip and start after Labor Day?
Or sneak one in for Aug?


Date - Aug 13

Place - Sole

Time - 6:30p

Drinkers -

I could do tonight :wink: but the rest of the month is a kind of busy. 13th and 27th are possible for me. Maybe just pick one, and whoever can make it is in. Since it would probably be a smaller group, Sole?

The next two weeks are good for me. After that is harvest season, where I can’t schedule things more than a day or two out. (Can always jump in last moment, if there’s an opening, but no biggie.)

I’m free on 13th and 27th but will continue to agitate for Sundays if possible :slight_smile:

So let’s try for one on the 13th, that is little less than a week away.

Whoever else is interested, please chime in.

I’m good with where ever, Sole, Paul Martins, Donato…

I’m a maybe for the 13th. I’m moving on the 12th and will have to see how exhausted I am Sunday night…

George is having his event on the 12th; maybe choose another date as back to backs might be tough.

Sapore in Burlingame has also offered us free corkage and I am also talking to Delizie in San Carlos.

Aug. 13th works for me.

Ok guys let’s pick a place.
Looks like a smaller group.

Andrew, are you going to George’s thing Sunday?

I’m going to George’s bash on the 12th. The 13th isn’t great for me, but that’s ok. If that’s the best date, go for it.

Debating…wife leaves for NY on an early flight on Sun. And now I guess Larry needs a date…and I am way better looking than George neener

So being we are a small group and Andrew (anti-Sole guy) won’t be there, I’ll give Sole a call.
But if anyone wants different, please chime in.

Nuance dude…anti-“Sole 3 out of 4 offlines” guy.

Dan, did I already get the Walter Scott from you?

What Walter Scott?

Ok, since no one chimes in, I went ahead and got a res at Sole for 8.
So we have a couple extra spots.
I’m assuming Andrew you’re not coming?

I think I’m bringing 08 Drouhin Clos Mouches.

I’m in, not sure what I’m bringing, maybe white Burg.

It’ll be a small group, so we’ll have the chance to really ponder some wines. I’m thinking of bringing a '96 Montrose. Any thoughts as to whether that’s too young still?