SF Bay Area/Peninsula Oct 3 offline, Menlo Grill

Sept already!
So hopefully people are back and settled from summer…

What say y’all for an early October offline?


Place: Menlo Grill

Date: October 3
Time: 6:30 pm

Theme: Wine


I’m ready! Where should we go? I guess the rotation is back to Martin’s West, but that place is so noisy, I wouldn’t mind doing something else. Maybe we should make sure to keep our place established at Menlo Grill? Go back there sooner?

I’ll be in France from the 9th to the 16th.

So we should do the 10th? flirtysmile

I can make it if it’s not a crush or press day, so iffy. If it were the 3rd I might be inclined to bring a '66 something or other.

Can I go?

No, but if you have another mag of that Malconsorts, you can drop it off.

I thought you already went?

Of course! get it in gear dude, and join us.

I can make it if its before the 21st.

I like Menlo Grill.
Can we make sure Elon has other plans?

There’s also LVMar.

My vote is for MG, LVMar is good, but the food is a tough wine match. I have plans to be away on the 17th, though won’t know for sure until we get closer, so I need to block that date off.

I think he meant can he go away because people usually ask can I come!?

Let’s do Menlo Grill.
This way there’s a better chance of George being definitively uncertain about coming, or going.

How about aim for Oct 3?

Oct 3 @ Menlo Grill sounds good.

3rd is great, see if our room is available, or they’ve already given it to the society of Coors light drinkers.

Please do not use the word “drop” around George in any way, shape or form… [whistle.gif]

Doesn’t that translate to something like bad companions? Good name for the group.

Either way it’s problematic phrasing.

"I’m taking Viagra and drinking prune juice… I don’t know if I’m coming or going! " - R. D.