SF Bay Area/Peninsula Dec 12, Sole Ristorante


Anyone want to try and do a Dec offline?
Or should we just aim for January next year?

I forget I’m asking a bunch of winos…December it is!
I left a message for Dec 12, Monday.

Reservation confirmed!

Date - Monday Dec 12
Time - 6:30pm
Place - Sole Ristorante, San Mateo

Theme - wine

Winos -
Alan (plus Weezee - not really)
S McDonald (what’s your first name?)
Larry’s friend

The George only waitlist -
George at home

Dan, there’s Jay’s dinner on the 5th, you could join that one. That pretty much just leaves the 12th, which we could try for, otherwise probably just roll over to January.

Just trying to get a sense of mid Dec interest.
Dec 5 in SF is too difficult for me.

No biggie - Jan is good too!

Mid-Dec sounds great to me!

We could just set the 12th at Sole, and whoever can make it…

The 12th would work for me.

I can make the 12th.


Ok cool!
I’ll give them a call.

The 12th works for me.

I would be interested.

Updated - left a message for Dec 12.
Started a list.

Theme - should I even ask anymore??

Got any old Jura?

I do have some older ones. Nothing super old, but some 8-10 year old ones. I’ll look through my cellar list tonight.

I have a bottle of Jefferson-era wine somewhere. Sadly, that’s George Jefferson, not Thomas Jefferson, but still…

Can you add a +1 for me? I ran into an old acquaintance yesterday who I hadn’t seen in 15 years. He’s from Singapore and was a grad student at Stanford when we used to hang out. His wife is now at Stanford for a one year program.

He’s managing partner at a wine import company in Singapore. He’d be a good addition. I’m waiting for his response as to whether he can attend.

Ok, just got confirmation from my friend so please add him.

Hi all. I got a text from my guy at Yuzu that he now owns the place free and clear (formerly was partnered with the folks behind Sakae in Burlingame). He asked me to pass along that we are welcome to come in anytime and utilize the private space like previous visits there. They’re closed Mondays, but any other day of the week can be arranged.

So I’m suggesting that we do something in January there, and we don’t have to be so tightly restricted to Mondays or Tuesdays… [cheers.gif]

Nice! champagne.gif

I also got a positive reply from The Perennial up in SF. Any Tuesday and we are good for no corkage.