SF/Bay Area Franny Beck tasting 10/26

My wife is being inducted into the American College of Surgeons October 27th in San Francisco. I’m flying down that day but wanted to put out some feelers for any interest in a Franny Beck tasting/dinner the night before, 10/26. It’s mid-harvest, but I think I can ask for some punch down coverage back home.

If you’re interested, please let me know either here or pm. Also, any guidance on venue or if someone might be willing to host, happy to take suggestions. Thanks all, could be a lot of fun if this can come together.


I’m interested. Would it be an overall Oregon theme or just FB?

Congrats to your wife Michael!

I’m interested

Thank you, sir! Extremely proud of her. I definitely out-kicked my coverage. She’s an amazing woman!

Was thinking just FB but could totally include some other folks- especially some friends that don’t get a lot of press but deserve it!