Seven % Solution tasting

I wanted to post a short note about the Seven % Solution wine tasting - the trade/media portion was held yesterday in San Francisco and the public tasting will be in Healdsburg on Saturday (it looks like the Saturday tasting is already sold out).
Seven % Solution

I was at yesterday’s event but had very little time to taste much as I was helping pour for both Harrington and Edmunds St. John, but I did try some wines that I wanted to mention. Rootdown Wine Cellars was new to me and I really liked their Trousseau Rosé and their Mourvèdre (they had a rosé and red version of Trousseau, Sangiovese, and Mourvèdre). Leo Steen had some terrific Chenin Blancs - the “Peaberry” bottling in particular was outstanding - and La Clarine Farm and Donkey & Goat poured very solid wines as usual. Martha Stoumen and Horse & Plow (especially their red blend and their “Farmhouse” cider) were also noteworthy. That’s about all I had time to try, but the producers at this event are all worth checking out - one of the best line-ups of cutting-edge California producers you’ll find at a public tasting.

Hope to see more notes on the board from folks here who will be going to the Saturday tasting!

I was sharing the table/pouring next to Pax/Windgap on Wednesday at the 7% tasting in SF yesterday afternoon. I tasted the Pax 2016 Gamay Noir and was super impressed by this wine. Very primal,raw, and gulpable. Delicious.

Did not have much time to taste much but I will try to escape the masses and do so on Saturdays grand tasting in Healdsburg. I did however get to chat at length after the tasting with Ryan Glaab from Ryme and we spoke at length about Aglianico and its mysteries in California. Humbled to be surrounded by such a great line up of winemakers.

I’ve drunk Leo’s regular (Saini) bottling of Chenin over the years at local (Healdsburg) restaurants and enjoy it because of great QPR and it’s refreshing nature. The other week I purchased the “Peaberry” from a local wine barn. Man-o-man what a great value. Stupendous juice. In fact while my friend and I, a fellow berserker, were downing this wine a tree branch fell on my car from 80ft. The damage was superficial, fortunately. I was just happy to have a glass of great Chenin to sip on while watching the firemen dislodge the tree branch from my car and telecom lines.

That Pax Gamay is really good. Had it last week. One would think that a guy named Steen should make some decent Chenin Blanc though. Sorry I missed that tasting.