Serving advice

I’m planning on bringing a bottle of 2000 la Tache to dinner. Any advice ? Decant ? Slow ox ? PAP ? What say yeh.

My advice is to come to my house.

Send me your address and I will serve it for you.

Had it last June where it was opened and served about two hours later. Delicious.

Decanted Charlie ?

Slox ox…

no decant

Thanks bunches.

I’m with Charlie. Pop a couple hours before and let it develop in the glass.

+1. Save a '00 Tache for July Nick :slight_smile:.

Too young for July Favre.

You’re everywhere!!

I drank a blle last year over around 4 hours, just opened that AM and recorked, and it sang after around 2 hours, albeit in a young way. I wouldn’t be afraid to decant it, especially if it won’t be a several hour affair. It really morphed over time and it was a cool evolution to watch. A terribly enjoyable wine that was not stellar right off the bat.

goes great with chili.

Now you’ve done it Alan. You’d probably even eat Italian with Bordeaux !

French chili?

Throw it in the trunk of your for a few days. And roll into your favorite pizza place, pull the cork when the large supreme pie hits the table. Have them go easy on the anchovies. The wine can be a little delicate.


Yes - you’re stalking me :slight_smile:

Double decanted half hour ago. Crazy aromatics but really needed to soften up. First taste was delicious.