Sentia Wine Analyzer - Anyone Using One ?

Any one on the forum use, or know about, the Sentia Wine Analyzer sold by Enartis? It performs free SO2 analysis on white or red wines in 1 min using a biosensor. The unit itself is not wicked expensive at $2K and the sensor strips are slightly over $3/each… . Range is 3-50mg/l direct read out without dilution. It’s relatively new but I thought I would check to see if anyone here is using it and what your experience with it is?

Just bought one. It’s gonna be game-changer if it’s reliable.

That’s what I’m thinking. It will make tests quick and relatively inexpensive. Wondering if the tip needs to be cleaned of wine juice periodically? Let me know how well it works for you Adam.

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I trialed this last year. I have comparative analysis if anyone is interested. I think I put down in the survey at the end that a price point of $1k seemed reasonable for it. :joy:

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Comparisons with commercial tests? Would like to see your results John.

How to throw $2000 in the trash:

My wife had taken out the strips that needed to be refrigerated and put them in fridge. When I got back home I thought the meter and the refrigerated strips were in the same bag in fridge. They weren’t. The actual unit was at the bottom of the box covered in packing peanuts and got thrown out for recycling… [head-bang.gif] [swearing.gif]

$2000 literally in the trash. So annoyed right now.

Dude. That sucks, I’m sorry

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It does! Ordered a new one today. Lessons learned. [pwn.gif]

Sorry to hear about the snafu Adam. This stuff happens when there’s a lot going on.

Can you PM me the data please?

One thing that is appealing about the Sentia Wine Analyzer is that other wine tests are to be released later this year into 2022. Not absolutely sure but it appears the analyzer unit will be the same and that the test strips will be unique to the test. Only firmware updates needed for the hand held unit. I’ll double check to make sure that’s the case.

I’ve got one and love it. Ran 5 samples and sent same samples to ETS for analysis. Results were within 5% - I’m satisfied with how quickly and easy to use it is.

I understand that my they are adding ML and RS straps shortly. Not cheap but worth it IMHO . . .

On the fence about buying this one at the moment. Keen to hear how those that have been using for an number of months are finding Sentia?

It is early days for us with the Sentia but I can tell you typing in the sample name on the micro-screen is a bit frustrating. This tool will make you change how you sample for SO2. There are some tips mentioned in the instrument booklet that I think are worth following to keep a reasonable accuracy. You will find a cadence to on the spot barrel sampling that makes sense without pulling samples early and transporting back to the “lab” for testing. Liking it so far but would prefer some easier way to enter sample ID like a drop down selection menu. Really looking forward to other tests that they claim are in the works.

Cheers Gary! Not sure if the device comes with a stylus, but wonder if that could help

I love mine so far. Haven’t tested against lab, so not sure about precise accuracy, but for me it will always be close enough. Doesn’t make a huge difference for me if it was to be a few ppm’s off.

Does not come with a stylus. I did try to use a plastic tip and it did nothing.


When I purchased mine, I ran 6 samples myself and then over to the lab. Each was within 3 points - close enough for me.

The should be releasing RS and ML steps soon - just don’t know when.


And for anyone who is using this machine, the strips are currently at a stock on the West Coast. I was able to secure some on the East Coast from the distributor who handles them there.

Who is the east coast distributor?