Never really sold much wine but I have some that has gone up in value to the point that it is starting to tempt me. Got an appraisal from an online site but almost 30% commission is choking me. I would appreciate hearing how others more experienced than me would suggest spinning off a few bottles(two cases +/-). Is it worth the hassle to sell it yourself?

You could try Commerce Corner first . . . see what you can get rid of at a decent price. . . otherwise, winecommune and a few other online sites. Good luck!

Save your 30% and do it yourself. Cost for you is time. I got estimates on wines I wanted to sell. I am not keen on paying 30% or another commission % unless the wine is cases and cases of Lafite.

I’ve sold some bottle through Vinfolio’s service and thought it went well. Commission still hurts (15 or 20% I believe?) but is easy and I received good prices.

but also take into consideration, you get much more exposure/value at auctions than on wine forums where people are more interested in deals.

I sold a bunch of Carruades through JJ Buckley on consignment at ~15-17% commission, but I think they may have stopped doing that. Maybe look at K&L if the wines are high profile enough. They have no commission if you’re willing to take store credit.