Selecting great bottles for my 60th..........and then I caught a cold

Well, a week ago, like any wine geek worth his salt, I was looking forward to deciding what wonderful bottles I was going to enjoy with friends and family to celebrate my 60th birthday this weekend. Instead, I have been drinking small glasses from bottles that that aren’t particularly interesting, because I can’t smell or taste anything. I know its wine because I poured it myself, but if I were served a glass of wine and a glass of water while blindfolded, I would be hard pressed to tell which was which. This has to be near the top of the list of wine geek bummers.
But I can’t really feel too sorry for myself. I have a gorgeous wife that loves me and is my best friend. She surprised me with a trip to Tampa and Bern’s Steakhouse a few weeks ago, to celebrate my birthday with some close friends. It was an amazing wine weekend. Best birthday present ever. We have 5 sons who make it a privilege for us to be known as their parents. Over the next four weeks we will celebrate three of them graduating from college with advanced degrees, and all already have jobs they are excited about. Then a wedding that will bring us a second terrific daughter-in-law.
So here’s to the things that are important, and to keeping life’s little aggravations in perspective. Those special bottles will still be there to celebrate some upcoming events that are more important to me than a birthday, and besides, they will be much better with a few more days of age, won’t they.
Life is good.
Cheers everyone!

Tim, great attitude. Reading your post made me feel better about a retarded wine related issue I did last week.

Where’s the ‘Like’ button? Damn Facebook.

Celebrated that one a couple months ago on the Big Island (just to be sure I wouldn’t catch a cold). No wine, but lots of Kona beer and a few tropical drinks.
Happy BD you ol’ fart. LOL

Awesome post Tim. Keeps it all in perspective. Congrats…other than the cold, you seem to be living a blessed life:). Though I will say…3 graduating the same year would present some challenges in my household!


Happy Birthday! 'Could have been worse - everybody invited over, the corks pulled, and THEN… ah-chooo, AH-CHOOO…!!!

Dont wait for a special occasion this time, just pop the best one on Tuesday night and enjoy it. Everyday we are alive is worth celebrating (especially when we get this old!!!)


Great post. You are fortunate, indeed.


Well, Tim…that wife sounds like a keeper. Would you like mine as well??? :slight_smile: Jess kiddin’…don’t have a wife…just an incredible SO.
Great post, Tim…spoken from the heart. It’s worth stepping back from our obsessions every once in awhile and reflect on what we have.
Those special btls will still be there…and so will the wife.