Kinda sparse recent information in search looks like for Seattle area reccs! Will be there in July for a couple days before heading out on a cruise. Any must see spots? Any must stop restaurants? I have a feeling we’ll be spending most of our time in the area between the space needle and downtown/Pikes, because we only have two nights, but would be willing to venture out for something thats really worth it!

My favorite restaurants in Seattle are all a bit out of the downtown core but worth the excursion and not too far.

Off Alley is a postage stamp sized seasonal restaurant which is moving to tasting menu only indoors with ala carte for the outside seating. It is possible to get reservation when they open up.

L’Oursin- French bistro with a seafood focus and nw ingredients. Mostly natural wine list but they notate clean wines.

Il Nido- Seasonal Italian fare in West Seattle. Very warm, polished service. Be warned Alki Beach can be a zoo but has great views of the city and an uber can go around it.

If you want high end omakase sushi you can go to Kashiba in the market and line up at 4:30 and get a seat at the bar when they open at 5 or lineup at 4:50 and get your name on the list for the second seating.

For cocktails I highly recommend Roquette in Belltown which is near where you’re staying.

For great asian food some spots I like include Ramie- Vietnamese on Capital Hill, Chengdu Taste, szechuan in the International District and Tamarind Tree viet in the ID.

Avoid walking on 3rd Ave and the city is mostly fine and pretty vibrant these days.

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Thanks! Tamarind Tree looks great! Would definitely like to get some Asian food there. We are a desert for it here in SC. I looked at Kashiba, looks like there are reservations open right now for when we’re there, but I don’t know if I could convince the group to do that or not. Gonna work on it. lol

Kaishiba reso i think is only for tables… u want to be on the counter. i haven’t been in a while so i’m not sure if counter can be reserved… It used to be you had to go in person the day of to sign up for counter.

Alternatively you can book Shiro’s counter ahead of time, and it’s nearby and about as good…
SAI sushi for where you mentioned location wise. great omakese, but might be harder to book a spot also
if you want to drive a little bit - LTD sushi and Suzuki Sushi are both excellent…

Ba Bar South lake Union for more modern vietnamese
Kobuta & Ookami - great katsu spot… GREAT but might be a line

Non asian that’s off top of my head recently:
Atoma (this is pretty new)

For wine - check out Pike & Western in pike place market (@jbray23 runs the place!)

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was definitely planning on making a stop in there! hopefully can find a couple things to bring on the cruise!

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If you don’t mind going the knuckle-dragging Neanderthal route… I love to take people to Radiator Whiskey. It is, in no way, a wine destination. That said, it’s in the corner of the market, has barrel-aged craft cocktails, the wait staff can all set off metal detectors with their piercings and it’s the soul food I love - braised pork shank, tater tots, entire hog head, etc. Overlooks Showgirls, which adds to the grime. Pre-party at Radiator before going to dinner downtown or just write the night off completely and gorge, because you can hit the sushi options, minus uni and geoduck at that quality level, in pretty much any major city.

You can’t miss JBray - 99% guaranteed he’ll have a Kobayashi hoodie on; I thought it was his work uniform for the longest time.

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