May spend one night in Seattle this Thursday. Any recommendations for a mid priced restaurant w a fun wine list and or easy corkage. Thx

Go to Salumi for lunch and BYO!

Why don’t you make it on Friday…We’re having an offline at Ed Murray’s house.

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Todd. Forgot about salumi. Will definitely go there

Steve I’ll see. Traci has an overnight in Seattle so I am tagging along on southwest.

Le Pigeon, Lower Burnside.

Granted, it’s a good restaurant, but it’s in Portland.

And it’s on East Burnside to boot. There is no “lower” Burnside.

That’s what I get for posting quickly at work. Le Pichet is the spot I’m thinking of. Lower or East Burnside, since I didn’t live there I’m directionally challenged. Thanks for your gracious (?) corrections.

Wild Ginger.

(edit - Salumi is way over-rated, by the way, but obviously go for lunch if you’ve never been. Or go to Tat’s for a cheese steak or Tatstrami)




Yea Salumi’s rock…but so does Wild Ginger.

Agree. Salumi’s pretty good for lunch.

Don’t quite get Wild Ginger… Yah it’s got a a nice ambience, but my wife can cook better food… and for “asian food”, it’s quite over priced… deep wine list tho…

I’ve never been for the back room, sit down lunch, always a sandwich to go… and some of them are good, the salami is good, the grilled lamb is also really good, but I’m just not sure what everyone raves about. I love to pick up the guanciale when I’m there and cook with it at home, but otherwise, meh. I work in the area, so I have it as an option every day… maybe if it were rare, I would think otherwise.

And I’ll stand behind Tat’s too. Best place for lunch in Pioneer Square.

Wild Ginger is OK but isn’t the same as it was in the old location and the ambiance is sterile in comparison. Very nice list - one of the few places in Seattle where that can be said. Le Pichet (mentioned above) is fun. Salumi is a must. Mistral Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner and I’m hearing good things. If you want to get out of downtown and esp if you like Belgian ales, hit up Quinn’s.

Quinn’s has a great burger, but the rest of their food is hit and miss (lots of salt for some reason). Their beer selection is good, but if you want a great beer selection, go to Brouwer’s in Fremont - a great Belgian ale house. Good food, too.

Salumi rocks. End of discussion. The porchetta sandwich is a fave, but the lunch in the back room - now that’s special.

Wild Ginger is good, in my opinion, not great. But they have a great price on Krug 375s.

I like Le Pichet a lot. Best roasted chicken in town (LeVine’s house is second).

Hmm Bouwer’s is new to me… Gotta check it out. Thanks Adam.