Seattle (gauging interest): Aged Oregon Pinot Noir offline?

Weekend ?

Friday-Sunday for us.

Saturday- Friday- Sunday. In preference order :slight_smile:

Weekends best here, too. Friday/Saturday preferred over Sunday, just like Mr. Ye.



Sun, Sat, or Fri

There’s a slim chance I can make it, but would love to if I can. As with many others, weekends are best – but don’t plan around me, I’m a long shot in any case.

Have plenty of older Oregon pinot.

Hi all,
Would love to open some 94 with you guys.
Seldom on here but Peter or Brandon please PM me if this comes together

Oh and Lee get yourself up here Dude!

Sounds like this is going to be a great tasting! Thanks so much to Peter for graciously offering to host!



I’ve been thinking of making the date sooner rather than later, but not until I’m sure the smoke will be cleared away. What do folks think about either Sept. 8 or 22?

For me - can’t make 22nd but 8th works… or 9/29 works too (if that’s an option).

Opposite of Mark - can’t make 8th, but likely could do 22nd. 29th should work too (unless I can snag tix to Zwanze Day).

I’m pretty well booked up for the next few weeks, so nothing really works in September. I’d prefer to do this a little later in the year when it’s a bit cooler and smoke clears. That said, I’d absolutely defer to the host on this one. If it’s 9/8 or 9/22, no problem - there will certainly be plenty of offlines to come.

Oh I missed this thread. I am very interested if it works for me. I could not do 9/8 but could probably do 9/22. But the smoke at the moment…

I think waiting for the smoke to clear (literally) and the temperature to cool down is fine. I could make 9/8 but will be out of town on 9/22. I am also around 9/28 through 10/14.



I’m not too far from SWS, but ping me when it’s young Cali Cabs/Rhône varietals. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If this is in the evening time, both dates work.

It’s looking like early Sept. is too soon. I’d like to keep the option of being outdoors open, so narrowing it down to the last two weekends in September.
If there is enough interest, I could do two dates.

I’m available the weekend of September 28-30 if that works out.