Seattle (gauging interest): Aged Oregon Pinot Noir offline?

For the Seattle Aged Oregon Pinot Noir offline, please select up to three of the following:

  • I prefer Friday the 28th
  • I prefer Saturday the 29th
  • I prefer Sunday the 30th
  • I can make it Friday- not preferred
  • I can make it Saturday- not preferred
  • I can make it Sunday- not preferred
  • Can’t make any of these dates, but I’m still interested

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Based on Ron’s thread over in Wine Talk about OR Pinots and going 10+ years, I wanted to start a thread to see about interest in an offline here in Seattle for just that: aged Oregon Pinot. I think we can all agree that we’d be best to let Summer travel and heat go by, so I’m thinking early Autumn would be a good timeline.

Who’s interested?

Definitely interested.

Late September and October would work for me.

I’m interested, and have a number of WV Pinots older than 10 years. If anyone is interested in trying the wines, but doesn’t have any in their cellar, please don’t be shy about participating.

Interested. I have many.

i would drive up (pending no conflicts).

I am definitely interested and having a good number of older OR pinots. Thanks for organizing it!



That’s enough right there to justify an offline. I’ll work on some dates. A decent-sized group of us (16 if I recall correctly) did a daytime WA State Grenache offline at Seattle Wine Storage, and it worked pretty well. The only tough part is that they close by 6:00 p.m. so we’d have to be out by then. Just one option…

I’m interested but own 0 bottles of Oregon Pinot
Would u accept a 10+ year old burg as a ringer?

I would be interested if I didn’t have to drive to Seattle. [wow.gif]


How has that burger been preserved? Do you maybe have some duck breast?


Don’t drive- Uber. You don’t even have to bring wine. There is always too much.


I’d be happy to host, but Sept. 14-25 and Oct. 16-13 I’m out of town.

Yeah, definitely in!

lol… the burg should be pretty good… the burger is starting to smell like ‘forest floor’ as well… :wink:

Lauren and I would definitely be interested, we have one or two past 10 yrs and a few that are getting close to 10 yrs on but aren’t quite there, count us in!

I’m definitely interested. I have a few different options from 2008 I could contribute, but don’t have anything older than that.


P.S. I really enjoyed the Grenache tasting!

Nita and I would also be very interested!

I’m in and have a fair bit of older WV Pinot.
Mark you own 0 OR Pinot ???
Sacrilege. Think of your children.


OR beer I do own tho…
is that salvation for my kids? :wink:

I may be in depending on dates. I can contribute on theme…


I would be interested. I have a few 07, 08, and 10.

I’m going to suggest a date soon, and it will be early in the range stated above.
Does anyone care to comment on best day of the week?