Searching Threads or How to load entire thread?

I do a lot of searching on WineBerserkers. For example, I might be looking for info on a particular wine, so I go to the search feature. The search field seems to do a good job of finding threads that match my search terms, but then I run into trouble.

Often times the search result will be a thread with over 1000 posts. I don’t want to actually read all those posts, so I search the page for my search term. The problem is that (at least on iPhone) Discourse doesn’t load the entire thread. It seems to only load 20 or so posts at a time. This makes it impossible to search the page for the next instance of a search term, because often the next instance is in a post that isn’t yet being displayed. You can’t even search the page if you scroll to the end of the thread, because earlier posts will have been removed.

I understand that the default behavior is there because the developers want to improve load times for pages and don’t want to paginate a thread. But is there any way for me to force Discourse to load an entire thread so I can search it? At least temporarily?


Very good question. Or at least some info on how to format a search to narrow the results. I’ve tried quotes around a word grouping but that doesn’t seem to help.

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Once you find the thread you’re interested in by searching all threads, you can search again, this time choosing “this topic”. That will return a list of individual posts containing your search terms. Scan down that list and open the one you want. When I’m not sure which post I’m looking for exactly, I’ll open likely candidates in new tabs.


Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t noticed that “Search this topic” checkbox. That may just what I need to solve this problem. Thanks!


So I am 99% sure the word Heico was used in a thread, in Asylum, related to Investments.

Searching on my phone yields nothing .

Can anyone help?? Any suggestions?

Was probably me, as my bil worked for them for years, and I remember a couple of exchanges. But I can’t turn up anything with a search either.

Yup , and it seems like on this new site that the search sucks (as do a lot of things ).

Completely disagree, as this new search allows you to search just one thread, one forum, the whole site, even private messages, then sort the results as you see fit.

I don’t see it either, so probably wasn’t used - perhaps an unintentional misspelling?

I hear ya about what the search allows . But many times the results don’t show up properly . The other times I am 100% sure I typed them properly .

Do PM me when that happens - I haven’t experienced it - please include a screenshot

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I also think the search is better, wasn’t making that claim. Just that for some reason we couldnt find something we both thought had been posted. More likely operator error, or it wasn’t spelled out correctly. But now I’m curious, so will go track it down.

just click on the person’s name, and ‘message’

or just go here:


Write a message

Read your dang messages! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Those are notifications, mostly new registrants (which Sherri takes care of) - I can’t dismiss them!