Sea Trout

Just bought a couple of them which I had filleted. I was planning to bake in parchment paper with lemon and herbs, but figured somebody might have a better recipe. Anyone?

meuniere with pecans
This is my recipe without the pecans, toast them in the oven until the oils toast then toss into the sauce.

I don’t think “sea trout” is really in the same family as the “trout” in the recipe.

If the pieces are thin enough I just flour and sautee with sliced onions and deglaze with white wine for a sauce. Sea trout warrants simplicity, IMO.

Below, in quotes, is from Wikipedia. This fish is unrelated to brook trout (which is actually a char), which are sometimes called speckled trout.

“The spotted seatrout also known as speckled trout (Cynoscion nebulosus) and spotted weakfish(Cynoscion regalis) are common estuarine fish found in the southern United States along coasts of Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Ocean.”

I think a meuniere preparation would work fine.

Cooked it with a beurre blanc. Fairly meaty and slightly oily, but nowhere near as oily as bluefish. Beurre blanc not good, probably best grilled and kept simple.

I have a feeling what is sold as “seatrout” in good markets it not really the “seatrout” in the link. It is usually fileted, reasonably thick, boneless and results in a dense grayish meat. Certainly nothing like any “trout” I’ve ever had.

Amazingly, this article/link discusses the issue…at the very place I buy most of my seafood from…in Philadelphia
Robert's Market Report: Name That Fish! An excerpt:

Name That Fish!

You can’t tell a fish by its name. Sea trout is not a trout, it’s weakfish, a type of croaker or drum.
But silver trout is whiting, which is really hake, part of the cod family. I haven’t the foggiest idea about mountain trout, though it certainly isn’t a trout and it certainly doesn’t come from a mountain stream or lake. Striped bass and rockfish? They’re the same, except when they’re not.

Confused yet?

You’ll find all these items at the fish mongers at the Reading Terminal Market, but it’s hard to know what the actual species is. More than any other food, fishes tend to have very local names.

The weakfish, for example, has been called bastard trout, squwteague, sea trout, grey trout, sand trout, shecutts, silver sea trout, squeteague and squit.

Also…Weakfish - Wikipedia

If it was meaty and slightly oily, then it wasn’t speckled trout. Or what they call on the Atlantic coast spotted sea trout. Or as referenced above members of the weakfish family which also includes drums and croakers.

Did the fish look like this prior to you getting him dressed?

Also it helps if you put your location in the profile as terms change regionally. Around here this is a “speck” as you move from the gulf to the Atlantic around the Carolinas it changes to Spotted Seatrout. None of which are related to true “trouts.” They usually only show up in the fish stores around here when shrimp are running nice so this is the time of year we start seeing them.

The raw meat should have had a slightly grayish cast, then pure white when cooked with small flakes.

That’s a nice trout Milton. I live about an hour from the coast in Georgia just above Tallahassee, Florida. We catch them all the time here as well. Are you guys seeing many worms in yours? Seems like we’re seeing more around here. Doesn’t bother me much and I just remove while cleaning, but my wife doesn’t like it one bit.