Scuppernong in Napa?

Just finished judging the Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s North Coast Challenge. There was a scuppernong from Napa. Huh? Napa?

Spiriterra is the producer. Tom Hill, know anything?

I tasted Spiriterra at PNV. One of the best rotundifolia I’ve ever had. Definitely won’t confuse it with Tokaji or Sauternes, but for what it is it’s pretty good. I’m still flabbergasted that scuppernong is planted between Melbury and Sloan, but the owners are from Georgia and wanted something to remind them of home. They only have a few hundred muscadine vines planted in addition to a few more cab vines…


Premiere Napa Valley. The scuppernong first caught my eye scanning the catalog for the auction lots. I thought there must have been some sort of typo because non one in their right mind would plant muscadine in Napa, let alone put the results in the prestigious fundraiser! But they did…

I should also mention the handful of vines were initially planted to simple provide table grapes, but curiosity got the better of them and they vinified a small batch. They sell it for something like $25 for a 375 mL bottle.


Sorry, Bob…I’m clueless on this one. But sounds intriguing.

They can have all the Scup they want. Just leave my Italian grapes alone.

As a native of Georgia who has enjoyed bushels of muscadine and scuppernongs in a variety of forms, I can state with confidence that the highest and best use for scuppernongs is eating as a table grape and for muscadines is the production of jelly.

How is their Cab?

Please. Just because you have a limited palate don’t project that on to others. All wines are equally great. You must have missed the SQN thread. And no matter what you do, under no circumstance should you judge Napa Scuppernong by the others you may have had.

Just for edification, it’s scuppernong with two N’s. Posting this hopefully without sounding like a grammar snob but then, this is about scuppernong after all. Nothing snobby here!

I had the wine blind. Ok sweet flavors, a bit short on the finish. A bit of a one note tune.

Scuppernongsense! [cheers.gif]

who Doesn’t love Schlitterbahn?

Uhhhh…Gary…when I post my TN’s on the NEB#5 Nebbs…those words may come back to haunt you!!! neener

What’s next… a Sonoma Rotgipfler???