Scully Cabernet - first release and it rocks (& qpr!)

David Stevens at 750 Wines turned me on to the first release by a new Cab producer on Mt. Veeder called Scully. Helen Keplinger is the winemaker, and David had the 2006 innaugural release at $35. I haven’t been a 2006 vintage cheerleader, but this was a rich and powerful mountain cab built to age - but with the velvet mouthfeel and fruit to drink now. Really liked it and how often do you find a Napa cab you really like at $35? A wow from me." onclick=";return false;

Pretty often these days. [wink.gif]

Welcome. Post often and post alot.

Is this THE Scully?

Are you THE Dennis Wilson?


Thanks for the welcome. Unfortunately I have never been a beach boy (but I have had much better luck around water). As for Scully, I know nothing about the project other than Helen’s name is on the back, it tastes awfully good, and I liked it better than a lot of wines I recently tried at double and triple the price.

No joke, there are a lot of very good $20 2007s around these days.

btw, weren’t you(pobega) the one who did the winehunter thread for Rockledge? Mine just came in and they better be good! I spent a whopping $28 on those bad boys.

I have one sched’d for the weekend myself. Same fruit and winemaker as the new Relic release for what…$70? (Which I have had, have and getting more and is great).

Methinks you did well.

so what are these $20/30 cabs everyone is picking up?

Nope. Not without the ‘secret handshake’.

Ok,we will let you slide this once… [wink.gif]

Did you grab the '06 Shafer 1.5 for $35ish?
How about the '05 Two Hands Charlies for $35? (Me and my friends cleared those out very fast indeed).
Any '06 Rockledge Rocks for $28?
Snowden Ranch from '07 for $38?
Grab any of that '02 St. Helena Winery Sympa, (made by M Herold), for $35 from winebid? Thunk not. :slight_smile:


A former Fiddlehead Cellars assistant winemaker. Of course it’s gonna be good!


She’ll put that magic feminine touch those rustic and earthy Mt. Veeder cabs need!

Nice find, thanks for sharing.

Also Cameron Hughes 116, 138, 143, 146, 164 all for $20 or below.
Bennett Lane Turn 4 for $18
Not cab, but the 03 and 04 Beringer Bancroft Merlot for $20

btw, the Bennett Lane Turn 4 is on WTSO right now for $17. It’s available locally to me for $19.40 after 10% case discount + 7% taxes, so it’s not a screaming deal, but it’s a very good house red quaffer. Just grabbed 4 more.