Scrolling issue viewing threads

Whenever I open a previously viewed thread, it scrolls to the last visit to show the next unread message. Awesome right. However if there are more than a few unread messages after I scroll down several messages, the browser then scrolls back to the previous point. The only solution I have found is to move the scrollbar at the right to the last message and then scroll back to the initial next unread message location.

Is there a setting I’m missing that will fix this? Chrome browser on PC and also on Android.

I’ve noticed, more than a few times, I’m placed into a topic way up into the thread.

Don’t know if it’s a forum software bug or flaky Internet connection not updating the topic with my last read post before exiting.

I’m on Android and Chrome

My issue is not quite like that. It is consistently an issue. I open a thread previously read and it goes to the next unread. Then as I use the mouse wheel to scroll thru the messages, at some point the web site automatically scrolls back up thru recently read messages. Almost unusable as an interface since the rewrite.

If there is external content (e.g., links to other site content) this happens for me as the content slowly loads.

Sounds like internet connection lag.

Moving to ‘how to’ forum…

Yes, if there is external content, particularly embedded, it sometimes adjusts where the it places you on the page, though the ‘since last visit’ marker still shows, in red, and, as others have said, likely internet/browser lag has something to do with it as well

Absolutely not that - I have 1 gigabyte service

Could be computer lag instead then, where your system is getting bogged down processing the photos. This would likely be due to lack of available memory / RAM, as if it has to load them onto disk that’s extremely slow. Hard to say really.

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Ok, not that, it’s one of the other options listed, i.e. embedded content that takes a couple seconds to load. If you give me the thread where you find this happening, I can check that for you, but it happens to any thread that has external content, particularly when there are images that have to be rendered in the embedded link

It’s actually every thread where it starts at the red Last Visit line. It’s not that the scrolling pauses trying to load something; after scrolling thru 20 or so messages, the browser goes back up 30 or so messages. This repeats until I get to the end of the messages. If I initially scroll all the way to the end, and them back to the Last Visit line, this issue does not occur. It’s on my PC and on my phone.

let me ask someone with vastly more experience in Discourse for insight and get back to you - it’s obviously an isolated situation, but would be nice to fix for you

Cheers! I sent you a video of the issue. If it is just me, I can deal with the workaround I have.

fyi, it is not just you, mpst0ck13y. I have the exact same scrolling “bug”. using chrome. plenty of computer/internet horsepower.

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Thanks, Brian - one potential solution is to upgrade the system to the latest version, see if that fixes it…just doing some research beforehand as I know when I tried the new notifications menu from it (which is default within it) there were some annoying issues. I need to figure those out first, and what downtime will be, then I’ll have it done

Thanks Brian; makes me not feel quite the idiot as I did when I was alone

I have the same issue.

I’m noticing that each of those with the issue are not in the ‘subscriber’ groups, so it might be something embedded in the ads as well, which is the next issue to try once I try the software version update Monday

I’m in some subscriber groups and I have the same problem.

oh, that’s actually good news, easier to fix!

Monday hopefully fixes it all!

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