Scroll down! Scroll up!! It's tough to see all the offers!

You aren’t alone - even I can’t find offers once posted, as there are so many!

Remember to scroll up, scroll down, and again - check out as many as you can! The newbies have some GREAT offers, and our veterans all started out as newbies at one time, and now they have a following, so please give some love to the new folks, and try their wines!

Some offers already expire or am I missing them? I’ve scrolled up and down and no longer see Longplay or Down To Earth offerings (by example).

Those you saw yesterday, via Preview Day, aren’t all shown yet - everybody’s got a launch time…

I’m proposing an offer# for each offer - so folks can keep track of where they are throughout the day…?

There are two pages, btw!!! Make sure you see both! And keep refreshing…

Emily, good idea, for next year

Keep forgetting the second page.