Screaming Eagle 2019's

2019 Screaming Eagle allocation is live, $3750 for 3-pack. Your purchase also airdrops you a rad 3D eagle NFT that you can burn for a one-time use vineyard tour and tasting…ok, just kidding about the NFT part, but wouldn’t that be awesome?


legit the NFT thing would be so smart.

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I have been on the waitlist since 2015.

Lost all hope especially after today. I went to go update my profile information (which i do every year or so) and the website did not recognize my username & password.



Getting on the SE list in 2015 would be like getting on the SQN list in 2025.

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Perhaps you typed one of them incorrectly?

If anybody moves off the waitlist this year, can you please post your signup date ? Thanks .

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For those of you who are on the fence… [wink.gif]

AG “The 2019 Screaming Eagle is a wine of mind-blowing elegance and finesse that stand apart from the generally more potent style of so many wines in this vintage. Deep, sensual and beautifully layered, the 2019 is simply magnificent from the very first taste. A whole range of red/purplish fruit, spice, leather, dried herb and blood orange accents give the 2019 its vivid, wonderfully detailed personality. Because of its price, both on release and in the secondary market, Screaming Eagle is the most talked about wine in Napa Valley. It is hype or not? All I can say is that I was very fortunate to drink a number of older vintages during lockdown and all those wines lived up to their reputations. 100pts”


Just imagine the value that would bring to the allocation list members. A total win-win, where SE would receive royalties from all trades and NFT holders could either trade (to recoup some or all of their bottle purchase) or just burn for the experience. Gary V, if you’re a WB, would love to hear his thoughts on this…

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you’re preaching to the choir. they already have a DTC market, leveraging that into a community is a no brainer. the only real issue - and it’s a gating one likely - is that they don’t have a lot of wine to sell and they sell out always.

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Their play might be that you need more than one NFT (ex: 10) to burn for the experience. Either stay on the list for a decade to acquire or buy additional on exchange. Sounds like a reasonable benefit for being a ten year loyalist. I’m assuming they have some library wines to spare (as shown from 2017 vintage) and plenty of grand cru corton charlie (BDM). However, the experience IMO is more than the wine, it’s the bucket list check to visit and land your helicopter on that sacred soil.

look at you working to keep people in the boat!

did you purchase your 6pk allocation?

Haha…you funny. [cheers.gif]

Has anyone actually joined the wait list and gotten an allocation? No one indicated so in the waitlist thread… seems that it’s 20+ years.

was offer 6 today…bought all. ouch [swoon.gif]

i was on waitlist for several years but got on a long time ago (2001 release) when, if i recall correctly, they bumped their release price $100 or so to $250+ and some people dropped off

yes impressive and ouch.

I signed up in October of 2003 and have heard nary a peep from them. I assume my info was lost or the waitlist is that deep.

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I know someone that signed up in '06 and received their first offering in 2011 ('09 vintage).

I signed up in '07 and am still waiting patiently. The one time I inquired (10+ years ago), I was told that they were still moving through folks that had signed up for the waitlist in 2006, but that I was nearing the very top of the stack…

I signed-up in December 2011. I seriously would not be shocked if my wait is 20 years+ before I get an offer. With inflation, should only be around $15,000 per bottle in 2031.