Scott Paul Burg Tour

For those who follow Scott but don’t subscribe to his email blasts, this might be interesting:" onclick=";return false;

He’s conducting a cyber burg tour through blog/facebook/twitter starting this coming Friday when he arrives in France.

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Info here:

That’s weird. It works for me…Oh well, hopefully Steve’s link works for you.

Thanks for the link, interesting and exciting blog. Is he the wine maker as well as owner?

Yes, he is, and a burg importer. Great tasting room in Carlton, where one can do side-by-side Oregon Pinot and Burg tastings. Another don’t-miss when in the area. Phillip knows more than I do, I hope he’ll chime in.


Now that is impressive. I can’t imagine any other place where one wine maker can show a domestic and foreign pinot noir that they made in the same tasting room. [notworthy.gif] I have spoken with Scott before but apparently I didn’t ask enough about his operations.

I was the co-host of that Champions League gathering Scott describes in his blog. While Scott was dancing like a small child with that gangly Spaniard, I was standing behind him capturing the whole episode on my video camera. Copies will be posted here at some appropriate time in the future.

I have definitely got to see that!

We getting the crew together for the Chelsea game or what? Looks like everyone has tickets and we’re gearing up for a post game gathering at Ed Murray’s.

He and Kelley Fox make the wines. Scott and his wife Martha are the founders/proprietors of the winery and Cameron Healy, founder of Kettle Chips is a partner as well.

Yep yep! Post game barbecue! Should be perfect!

Thanks for the reminder. Scott has done a fine job keeping up on his blog. Most have a flurry of posts and then they become inconsistent.

On twitter he is scottpaulpn I think he is Dijon.

He also brings in Champagne.