Scopa question

Anyone know if they seat people at the bar from walk-ins when they open? Decided late to stay over this Saturday, looking for a place to have a light supper.

They do, but there is usually a line which forms 30-45 mins before they open.

You also may want to try (and have an easier time) getting into Campo Fina around the corner. It is their sister restaurant.

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I know that Brian :wink: But I wanna go to Scopa! Haven’t been to Campo Fina, maybe we’ll try that, or camp out at Barndiva at 5:00 and try for the bar.

Was our lucky night. Pulled straight into a parking spot on the square. Walked by Scopa as we were strolling for a few minutes. Wife wanted to go inside and see if they had a table. I told her don’t bother, actually rolled my eyes. She did it anyway, next thing I know she’s waving me in to two seats at the bar. It’ll take a few years for me to live this one down :wink: This was 7:00. I have a feeling a lot of people put their names down for the bar seats at 5:30, then give up and find somewhere else, so maybe by 7-7:30 there’s a decent chance of getting in.

Last summer Campo Fina for lunch was good as in better than o.k. but not great. Barndiva for lunch was very, very good. Scopa was excellent as always!