Schloss Johannisberg - God save the Queen

“Abbaye of Johnsberg is the best made on the Rhine without comparison … That of the year 1775 is the best.”

Thomas Jefferson

One of the highlights of „The Crown“ last week was when the unemployed decorator, Michael Fagan, entered Buckingham Palace incl. the bedroom of the Queen and have a little talk about unemployment, loss, dignity and the consequences of Thatcherism. Before he drank a bottle of Schloss Johannisberg from the Queen. :smiley:

So, time to open a bottle of Riesling by Schloss Johannisberg…

2012 Schloss Johannisberg “Silberlack” GG

Such elegant with flavors of white peach, white flowers and a fine underlying minerality. It’s all about Feinheit&Finesse, classic Rheingau. Good years ahead.


Schloss Johannisberg

Vineyard of Schloss Johannisberg

Mind-blowing fresh


Complete view of the vineyard



Great pictures and tasting note. I was able to visit last year and enjoyed their (then) current lineup, but not much of it makes it to the US.

Did you get to taste the 43 and 64?



I tasted both wines. The 1943 Cabinet was brought by the former CEO Christian Witte to me in Berlin and it was truely mind-blowing. In case of 1964 Spätlese I tasted it at the estate during a workshop. Also terrific.

I should point out that I am not that guy that praise every old wines. Some people do, not me. So, an old wine has to be really good to get my praise.

Stay healthy,

P.S. fair to mention that I just found out that it was not the German estate Schloss Johannisberg mentioned in “The Crown” instead the Californian Johannisberg. Uuups…haha

I think that’s worse for them than you.

Beautiful pictures Martin. Thanks for sharing. I loved the quote from Jefferson. It once again reminds me of the long life and rich and deep impact wine has had on the world. Not overtly, but wine has stood the test of time in some form or fashion.

[whistle.gif] You would think the guy would have grabbed a good single malt scotch if he was going to break into the Queen’s stash. If he drank up an expensive bottle maybe they would have improved security a little quicker

Fair to say he had no big choice, as when he entered the private rooms of the Queen, only 2 bottles were standing on the table. He had no access to the cellar.

BTW, this reminds me on another story related to the Queen which told me Paul Draper 4-5 years ago in Berlin at a RIDGE-workshop. When he was young he auctioned with friends a case of old Bordeaux from the cellar of the Queen in Balmoral/Scotland. The wines were such thrilling, that he fall in love with old school Bordeaux.

I don’t recall the wine as Californian. In any case we have to remember the series is based on a true story, not always a true story.It seems much more likely that the Queen, being German herself, would drink German wine. I guess i will have to replay that episode.

Good point, Mel. YES, there is this line between the Royal Family and Germany (Hannover) and it would makes sense. BTW, last week Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles visited the german parliament in Berlin and he hold a speech almost completely in german.

I’ve been lead to believe the Queen’s favorite tipple is Dubonnet.

Huh? I didn’t know there was an estate so named in California. The term is used as part of the name for Riesling, made at a number of wineries. Either way it doesn’t sound like Her cup of tea but what do I know.

Yes, in the series it is mentioned that the intruder drank a bottle of Johhanisberg Riesling valued at, if I recall correctly, 6 pounds. I used to see Johannisberg riesling on U.S. bottles, but see that it banned as a term as of 2006.

Back then there were wineries calling Riesling “Johannisburg Riesling” to distinguish it from Grey Riesling, Sylvaner Riesling, etc Trefethen called theirs White Riesling

The house of windsor was originally Saxe Colburg. Lord Louis Mountbatten was a Battenberg.
As I recall Prince Phillips sister was a Nazi
He is Greek and Danish.

Supposedly Fagan said it was cheap California wine. He was a renowned wine expert I am sure.I don’t know that Buckingham palace ever commented on the wine

I’ve been there, beautiful property!

Here more photos from the cellar by a good friend. We both visited together the estate a few years ago.

They show the “Bibliotheca Subterranea”. It is the oldest wine cellar of the Rheingau region and includes one last bottle of Riesling from 1748.

a bottle from 1748