Schloss Eltz, Schloss Vollrads, Schloss Johannisberg: What are the good years?

I know they had down years like Vogue did for a long period. How are '59’s, 71’s, 75’s and '76’s from these estates from Kabinett all the way up to TBA? Thanks in advance.


It’s been a very long time since I last had them, but Schloss Eltz made some wonderful Auslese and higher wines in 1971.

Thanks Harry. Very helpful.

59’s can be stunning. Within the glory years for Rheingau. They are big and powerful, for German wines. The 71’ers are also excellent, more feminine. Eltz had some good vinyards in those days. I’ve had some very good 75 and 76’s; but I think the downhill trend had started. 75 also a more feminine vintage, 76 more powerful. I’d be wary of Kabinett from 75, 76 however. I think you’re best chances would be with the 71 vintage. If you can get a 59 BA or TBA, though, it could be monumental.

I’ve heard good things about the 1971s, but haven’t had one in years. I drank several of the 1976 Auslese about 10 to 15 years ago, and they were interesting but very tired then - also had a huge problem with leaky corks.

I think Eric has it just about right. For me, 1971 is the greatest Rheingau vintage of my lifetime. The balance was absolutely impeccable. I will say that the last '59 I had (just a few years ago) was a von Simmern Erbacher Marcobrunn feinste auslese in 375ml format and it was absolutely heavenly. I could hardly imagine a better wine. Also, if you are being offered any '71 Schloss Reinhartshausen wines (Auslese on up), those are definitely worth looking at, as are any Rauenthalers from the Staatsweingueter. In fact, my very best '71 experiences came from those two estates: 1971 Rauenthaler Gehrn Auslese from the state domaine and 1971 Hattenheimer Wisselbrunnern Auslese and TBA from Schloss Reinhartshausen.

Great info. Interesting that even in '75 the Vollrads was down and out and others were on their way.