Scarecrow OWC Issues?

My two OWCs came completely broken. Wood fell apart and some bottle damage. I’ve spoken to several friends who had similar experiences today. The wood seems cheaper this year and the packing is sub par.

Anyone else experience this today?

Bottle damage? Like broken bottles or label damage?

That’s no good for “Asia Perfect” buyers

…but seriously that sucks as the stuff isn’t cheap and I’m sure shipping isn’t either.

A couple bottles were scratched by the staples/nails, but the OWC completely fell apart. The shipping box was in perfect condition. Several friends had the same issue. Already contacted Crow.

If wine is shipped in OWC, odds of damage are very high. Many wineries ship their wood box suspended in plastic wrap and foam which minimizes damages. You have to understand that the shipping companies have employees paid by the hour with an expectation of getting the work done as quickly and cheaply as possible. Packages are not treated like they are fragile, even when “Fragile” stickers adorn every side of the box.

Yikes. That really sucks especially with the cost of these wines.

Was that a mistype? The bottle fell apart?

stupid stuff, no doubt

if the wine is good it’s good…fffff the box

yes. mistype. Box fell apart. Wine techincally ok, but the bottles got damaged by the staples or nails, whatever was holding it together. Don’t recall what they uses as I tossed it when it was destroyed opening the package. Plenty of pics though.

Damaged OWCs here as well…slats fallen off, cracked/chipping…will notify Scarecrow.

One photo

More photos. Both OWCs were toast

In the past my Scarecrow has come fine

I sure hope everyone sleeps well tonight.

Was there any obvious damage or signs of abuse to the shipping container prior to opening it?

Interested to hear what Scarecrow does here.
I pay for the box, as well as a ludicrous, unavoidable amount for shipping that box whether I want it or not. It should come intact.

zero. shipping box perfect

As has mine (for years). They must be using new wood or cheaper products as this is being reported by many people I know. Bottle has some damage and whether I want the wood or not, they charge a ton for shipping so I expect things to come in perfect shape.

The wood is different this year. They have gone from a softer wood to something that is definitely harder (and seemingly more brittle). The wood looks more like a Fairchild OWC. They construction has changed as well. I wouldn’t say they were necessarily cheaper to make but they are absolutely different. One of my OWC’s came cracked too. Just along where the top slides in so not a huge deal. I think it was a packaging issue. The mag came substantially better packed BTW.

I know it’s early , but any word from Scarecrow?