Say When BD11: Industry Discount + Free Shipping for all

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Pair of Pinots - 30% OFF
2017 When Pinot Noir from Spanish Springs Vineyard
2017 RASI Pinot Noir from Rancho La Viña

Rosé Steal - 50% OFF
2018 Stipa Rosé of Mourvedre from Cass Vineyard

Never Say When CASE - 30% OFF
A collection of our full line up.
Already 15% off, take an additional 15% off!

25% OFF Everything
25% off any of our wines. Cannot be combined with other offers,
including regularly priced Never Say When Pack.

FREE shipping on ALL orders
Offers can be used unlimited times until sold out. Unfortunately due to my website provider, multiple codes cannot be used in one order. I will note doubles and combine shipping. Please contact me at if you have questions or any issues with your order.

Thank you!

Such incredible offers! Thank you. :blush:

Pair of Pinots, Rose, and the Petite Beast! All going to be fantastic.

Ps: I found your Cru podcast appearance from May 2017. Absolutely loved it. Well done! :+1:t2:

  • Lewis

Thanks Lewis! Got your orders, I’ll consolidate shipping :slight_smile: Thanks for the love!

Go Rachel Go!!!

Order place for 3 Pair of Pinots! I’ve been buying your wines since you were Rasi!

Good luck daughter :slight_smile:

Thanks pop! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the continued support Sheila!

Thanks Larry! Same to you! See you at FallTac soon

Order in. Love the Pinot and will add the Chardonnay is very nice as well…If you have not had the wines give them a try!

My wine budget was all used up, but your offer seemed too good to pass up. Excited to try the RASI Pinot!

Do you ever do tastings around LA?

Thanks Jordan! Just shipping your wine today.

Yes I do tastings in LA occasionally. I actually have one this Wednesday night at Vintage Wine + Eats in Studio City!

Thanks everyone for your orders and support! Wine will be shipping out today and I hope you enjoy!