Saxum visit

We will be in Paso this weekend. Anyone know anyway to enter/meet/taste Saxum.

Justin occasionally will do visits for list members but its not very regularly. Best way is to email direct but they are getting towards busy time of the year and he’s a small operation.

I can tell you what does NOT work:

  1. kind phone call
  2. kind email

    If you figure this one out, please let me know. Good luck.

are you on the list? A lot of wineries don’t open up tastings to non mailer list peeps. I remember someone mentioning the same thing for Carlisle. On top of that Justin’s place is literally at his house.

That is correct for Carlisle since the big scores came out. Mike has been over run with requests, so he has cut visits to list members only.

Just to update. First, thanks for the responses. I’m not on the mailing list, I’m on the wait list. I emailed Justin and got no response. We had a great time in Paso. I’m guessing wine sales are down since most wineries were offering huge discounts, like half off a case, 2 cases for the price of one. We picked up some Turley’s for less then we paid 5 years ago.

Half off a case! Wow…

I need to go to Paso!

which wineries were offering which deals … half off a case - holy schnikes!! [swoon.gif]

Wow, buy one get one free!??? Sounds like desparation to me. Great times for consumers,-if you’ve got some $$.

Yeah, really. Which wineries?

I’m happy to go on a run for all y’all if we can game plan. [berserker.gif]

Turley prices were down from what I can remember a few years ago. Hunt Cellars 2001 Cab. Sauv. “Ovation” 2 cases for price of one ($900 if you buy 2 cases). Hansen Vineyards 2003, 2004 & 2005 Cab. Sauv. half price on cases ($240/case).

Cool. I’ve wanted to try Hansen for a couple years (I love Dover Canyon’s 2003 Cabernet, which they used Hansen fruit for), but haven’t done so because I think they’re too expensive. $240 a case, though — that’s a pretty sweet deal!

Turley prices being down is also good, but I’m kinda railing against them for their inane bottle shape/size. I’ll probably only buy some Cedarman from them.

I agree on the Turley bottle shape, they don’t fit my racks. The Turley Hayne Vineyard Petite Syrah is also very good.

I’m not willing to pop for their Hayne wines … $75 is too much for me. My wife did buy a bottle of the Library Vnyd P.S. – haven’t tasted that one yet.