Saxum Release tomorrow (well today, now)

The release is tomorrow, right? As much love as Saxum gets on this board, I figured there might be a little more chatter.

I thought it was next week…regardless, I’ll have to get my allocation.

Hmmm, well their site says Jan '11. That gives them one day. But even if it is next week, I’m a little surprised that the board hasn’t run with it a little more. I currently have a Rhys hangover.

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Dear Friends,

Our Spring release will begin January 31, 2011 and includes 2008 Heart Stone Vineyard, 2008 Booker Vineyard and 2008 Bone Rock. You will be notified via e-mail when your offer is available for purchase. Please check your spam folder or the offer website," onclick=";return false;, after the 31st to see if your email has been sent. You will need your user ID and password to access the site.

We have changed our offering system so that everyone on our list has at least 2 WEEKS to make a purchase. Offer amounts WILL BE SMALLER than what you are accustomed to due to low yields during the 2008 harvest. At the end of the 2 weeks we will do our best to grant wish requests for additional bottles, if inventory allows. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. We couldn’t do this without you.

Best Wishes,
Justin & Heather Smith
Saxum Vineyards

Yes, the order window opens January 31, 2011. flirtysmile flirtysmile flirtysmile

Who has money left?

Sweet, lots of birthday presents! Happy Birthday

My bday is Feb 18, sooooo…

I am puzzled why suddenly many folks know my birthday. might have to blame Facebook.

Happy 49th Birthday!

Scroll down to the bottom of the Beserkers Home Page (at least before midnight PST). You’ll see that your B’day is shared with four other Berserkers. Hope it was a good one!

Cheers, [cheers.gif]


P.S. Enjoy Saxum Day tomorrow. Happy I’m still on the wait list for this one as my wine budget is already in tatters, and it’s only January .

Can’t even try to get excited as I have little to no chance of getting an offer. Bummer.

I was looking forward to this earlier in the month. Now I feel like a bear at the end of the salmon run.

I feel like a salmon at the end of a bear run.

Allocations are up! I’m shocked at the small allocations! I’ve been buying for years and received 1 bottle of each - no mags. Last year I was offered 6 of each and mags. That’s quite a haircut. I wish listed for extras. [cheers.gif]

I snoozed and lost on a couple of others already this year. Got mine in now.

I think the small allocations will be to avoid the problems like last time. My thought is that a lot of us will get some of the wish listed wines this go round. I also was only allocated one of each this release


Yep. I assume these are “guaranteed” allocations this time. Also there is not much 2008 to go around due to the small crop size.

I hope I get some wishlisted wine. I’d hate for these all to end up being instant cellar orphans.

I actually thought the smaller allocations is a welcomed relief with how brutal January has been.

Of all the mailing lists from which I order, Saxum rewards me the least for being a long-time, formerly big-allocation supporter. I understand the competing demands (reward people like me for their long time support vs. widen their distribution to new(er) buyers), but believe that the Saxum-pendulum has swung too far the other way with this release. For example, my former 12 bottle allocations are now 2-3 bottles. I bought them, but not happily…