IN ! [cheers.gif]

This is a seriously loaded offering!

Check this out!

2017 Gratias
Gratias is a one-off, so we decided to offer it to you at a price that conveys our gratitude for your support. The wine is on us, you pay for shipping. A blend of 42% Grenache, 25% Zinfandel, 18% Mataro, 14% Syrah, 1% Tempranillo. 15.4% alc. Paso Robles, Willow Creek District AVA. 330 cases produced.

Kudos to Justin!

I’m suffering from acute FOMO. How long does it typically take to get on the list?

Wow on the Gratias. Super nice gesture on Justin’s part. Thank you!

I love that Saxum uses Emek illustrations on its website.

This is great. Thanks.

So gracious and so appreciated!

Saxum gets it! What a nice gesture to offer the Gratias. Interested to try the Hexe too.


I’ve been waiting 7 years…still waiting. Hopefully later this summer for me.

Got me some Rocket Block, couldn’t resist, as it’s my son’s birthyear, but had to stop there with another on the way and save for diapers.

Sine Qua Non does the freebies too here and there, always a cool gesture. Bravo Team Saxum.

I’ve ordered for 6 years but I don’t think I get a 2017 Gratias unless I’m missing something… bummer

Just another’s reference point that I’ve been ordering for 4 years and no Gratis. No complaints. Can’t wait to try the Hex and crossing my fingers on my Rocket Block wish list.

2009 Paderewski from about a month ago was fantastic.

I just checked. First Saxum release I bought was in 2013 and I got 2 Gratias. Thank you again Justin.

5/1/2006 first order and was offered 2 for reference.

Took entire allocation. Not sure how long on the list, maybe 4-5 years, got two Gratias

Same. No complaints here either. Always stoked for these wines.

Took all my Broken Stones and Padrewski and the Mags. Couldn’t pull the trigger on the Hexe and Rocket block. I understand the price and have no issue with it at all given the lack of increases all these years. Will always support these guys and really enjoy the wine.

Been purchasing Saxum since 2014 but no Gratias for me.