Save $200 on Legends of Japanese Beef Sampler

Hey Berserkers - save $200 on this fantastic sampler of the best A5-grade Japanese Wagyu you’ll find anywhere. $699 retail, yours today for $499 - 2-day shipping included. Makes for an unforgettable gift!

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Featuring A5-grade steaks from Kobe, Chateau Uenae in Hokkaido, and Ozaki Farm in Miyazaki, this collection represents the finest beef from Japan. Kobe Beef needs little introduction, its status as the preeminent beef brand of Japan is well established. Of course, the only online purveyor of real, certified Kobe Beef from Japan is Holy Grail Steak Co.

Lesser known outside of Japan are the ultra-rare single farm offerings of Chateau Uenae on the cold northern island of Hokkaido and Ozaki Farm (Miyazaki Prefecture) on the warm southern island of Kyushu. Legendary Wagyu “meister” Fujio Terauchi of Chateau Uenae raises his cattle on a special diet featuring Hokkaido’s sweet corn while Muneharu Ozaki (the only man in Japan with a Wagyu brand named after himself) feeds out his cattle with a proprietary formula, much of which is grown right there on his organic 10 acre farm, but also features ingredients as exotic as Peruvian seaweed.

With the finest genetics, highest-quality proprietary feedstuffs, and raised with a meticulousness and attention-to-detail reserved for the finest wine estates, these are the best steaks the world has to offer.

Each Legends of Japan Sampler contains the following:
1 x Kobe Beef Strip Steak (13+oz)
1 x Chateau Uenae Private Reserve Ribeye (13+oz.)
1 x Ozaki Farm Strip Steak (13+oz.)

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