Santa Ynez/Temecula wineries to get married in

Any suggestions? My wife’s cousin is looking for someplace nice. Thoughts?

Talk to Frank Murray. He set up a marriage at Melville a couple years back for his daughter.

My step mom (don’t ask) got married here Very nice location, well priced, fun outdoor dance floor. Los Olivos/Ballard area. The highlight was whole family and friends stayed in a motel in Santa Inez the night before that horseshoed around a large lawn area and we all brought our dogs and hung out at night around bonfire.

In Temecula, I would say that Cafe Champagne at Thorton winery offers a nice pitoreaque venue. However, I can’t recommend the wines.

Cottonwood Canyon in Santa Maria does weddings. They make good Chards. Depending on the time of year, their grounds can be beautiful. Check out their website.

As an aside, this should change soon. David Vergari recently took over as winemaker.

On the SYV side, there are some nice looking places, and some nice wine places - sometimes both. You could try:


Not sure that Melville does many marriages anymore . . . they are only allowed to do a few events a year . . .

I would contact Rusack along Ballard Canyon - not sure if they hold weddings but a great spot. You could also reach out to Michael Larner at Larner Vineyards - I know they have hosted a few things in the past and it’s a wonderful rustic setting as well.

Other than that, reach out to Gainey, Fess Parker (!), Firestone and perhaps Roblar for the potential for having weddings. Some I know definitely hold them - some may or may not . …

Good luck and let me know how I can help.


South Coast Winery and Wilson have outdoor gardens that have been used for beautiful weddings.

Bridlewood in Santa Ynez is pretty spectacular for weddings. They used to be a high-end Arabian horse ranch, and they have a pond in the back with swans in it.

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This thread might be helpful.




My Brother in law got married at South Coast a few years ago. It was reasonably price and very pretty. They also have very nice suites to stay in at the hotel. The only bad thing is that you have to drink their wine.

Good luck!

No longer true. South Coast is making really good wines. They have won the Golden Bear Trophy as the best winery in Calif for the last two years from the Calif. State Fair wine competition.

I’m pretty sure they don’t.

This site can help:

My fiancee and I are booked at Sunstone for our wedding this fall. The venue is great for a smaller group (we’re planning around 70) with stunning views of the mountains and a great “cave” for the reception. Jenna (the events coordinator) at the winery has been great to work with.

+1 for sunstone

We were there right before a wedding started and I dont typically care about that stuff but said “damn… This is nice.”

We had a trade event in Temecula last month, South Coast has a barrel room under the main restaurant which is set up extremely well for a reception. Wilson Creek also has a new facility which they call a conference center, but with a restaurant on site it would also work. There are plenty of other choices as well, almost everyone in Temecula wants this type of business.
Falkner has a restaurant which is closed for dinner, so you can use it for private events as well.

The wine is certainly better in Santa Ynez, but much less choice when it comes to venues, I think others have covered the choices well enough already.