Santa Monica/LA March 23 or 24

Would love to get together with some of the LA berserkers for an offline. My wife and I will be staying in Santa Monica both those nights at the tail end of a West Coast trip. Let me know!

I’d be interested. Any theme in mind?

I have a pretty eclectic cellar, so am up for most anything. Seems like bringing coals to Newcastle to do Californian wines in California, so maybe something old world?

They don’t have any use for coal in Newcastle?

Ron - an old phrase of my grandfather’s - I believe that they have (or had) plenty of coal on site. I would also be happy to do California wines, as we have plenty. Hope we can get a group together!

Bumping to see if there is any interest!

Will have to wait and see closer to the date what my work schedule looks like but I may be able to do the 23rd.

I might be down for this. Surprised not more LA West Siders are around.

One note, I’m pretty sure the burning of coal is outlawed in California.

Chris - would love it if you could join us. I promise to break no environmental regulations while I am there…

All right, been tough to get a lot of traction here. I will throw a 1983 Mouton in as one of our bottle contributions to see if that gets some interest. If we have a group, would appreciate any restaurant recommendations from the locals.

Not including the new, prix-fixe Dialogue, where I’ve not yet dined but have heard is excellent, I think the best restaurant in Santa Monica is Melisse; then, I think of Rustic Canyon, Michael’s, and Cassia; finally, I’d consider Tar & Roses. I have not yet been to Nyesha Arrington’s new restaurant, Native, either.

Of course, wine/food pairing and budget might be determinative.

RE: Native. I went for a friend’s b-day. The restaurant is very loud with little to dampen sound. The food was poorly executed, flavors didn’t work, service was disjointed. At least the wine list had some nice selections. Not recommended.

I would consider Hatchet Hall. Great food, $20 corkage and excellent service. It can get a bit noisy and buzzy on weekends, but I still love it.

My fav place to do wine events is upstairs 2; it’s $15 corkage and $10 to buy a bottle at wine house (downstairs) and open it.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Sorry couldn’t get a local group together, but ended up having a wonderful dinner at Rustic Canyonlast night. Great interesting list as well!

Totally missed this! Next time!